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Our mission is simple

Deliver high-quality, responsibly sourced crystals, tools and inspiration to support your healing journey.

The Crystal Van is a high vibe crystals and spiritual shop offering responsibly sourced crystals, gemstones and mystic goods for the spiritually curious and modern witch.


I love your crystals and the energy is so clean and loving ! Thank you, I just received my first order and I love it!

Catherina L

Thank you so much for the amazing crystals and packaging, she loved the gift 😍 😁

Kelly C

Oh I love everything u arranged in the box !!! I can feel the love when u do the packing

Winnie L

I lighted the candle. It smelled like a perfumery + flower shop. The candle wick used is strong and easy to light and put out without much smoke. I love it (: Look forward to getting another one after I finish this :)

Sandy L

The crystals are so lovely! Thank you so much I love them 💗🙏🏽

Tanisa A

I can't explain how but just looking at them make me feel tranquil. The package makes my day again!

Hilary W


Crystals are gifts from mother earth which form naturally in the ground. As they form they may develop inclusions, irregularities, pockets, cracks.

These(im)PERFECTions is what makes them unique and one of a kind

Crystals are fragile minerals to work with. During the process of cutting, polishing and finishing (mostly by hand) dents, chips, nicks or scratches may occur. 

Polished crystals will never be 100% smooth. They nay have slight dents or cracks. This DOES NOT affect their healing properties or potency.

We do our best to show any(im)PERFECTions so please check photos and videos carefully. 

CHOSEN INTUITIVELY means our team will choose the crystal for you. They say the Universe will bring the right crystal your way. Pictures of "chosen intuitively" pieces are a reference only. While we strive for consistency Mother Earth is the Boss.

Crystals and crystal healing should not be used as a substitute or replacement for professional medical treatment.

Any information about crystals and their healing properties on our site are from our own personal beliefs, experiences and the result of our own extensive research and should be received and understood in the this context.

We consider any purchases made from The Crystal Van are made on the basis of your own freedom of choice.

We ship internationally at the lowest rates we have access to using trusted shipping services

Please read our Shipping & Returns Policy here