5 Healing Crystals For Libras To Support Balance and Partnerships

5 Healing Crystals For Libras To Support Balance and Partnerships

Libra Basic Information
Date Duration: September 23 to October 22
Symbol: Scales
Element: Air
Sign Quality: Cardinal
Planetary Ruler: Venus

Ruled by diplomatic Venus, planet of love and beauty, Libras value harmony, aesthetics, and balance in all areas of life. As the diplomat and the mediator, Libra season is about bringing justice, equality and equilibrium into relationships and partnerships.

Libras strive for balance in their relationships and surroundings. However, maintaining cooperation and understanding with others can sometimes challenge a Libra's patience. Healing crystals can help support Libras in cultivating balanced partnerships and inner peace.


Pleasing personality
Seeks balance and harmony
Thoughtful partner
Values justice and equality


Avoids conflict
Lacks attention to detail
Superficial at times
Overly-concerned with social standing
Subject to mood swings

Healing crystals can help Libras cultivate balanced partnerships and inner peace.


This feminine crystal of intuition nurtures Libra's social nature. As a stone of gentle calming energy, moonstone helps Libras listen with empathy, understand different perspectives, and find compromise. It enhances Libras' diplomatic skills for maintaining harmony. Keep moonstone nearby or carry a piece to diffuse arguments and dissolve tensions between people.


The stone of unconditional love, kunzite uplifts Libra's big heart energy. It encourages appreciation for others' uniqueness while maintaining objectivity. Kunzite's soothing vibration allows Libras to value all people with patience, care, and compassion. This nurtures the balanced, cooperative relationships that Libras thrive within. Carry kunzite to bring out your most understanding self in interactions.

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Lapis Lazuli

Supporting tactful self-expression, lapis lazuli's wisdom aids fair communication. It enhances Libras' capacity for truth balanced with nuance. This scalene nature of this stone aligns with a Libra's need to weigh all sides carefully. Lapis lazuli stimulates respectful diplomacy and helps Libras resolve disagreements through cooperation instead of stubbornness.




This crystal of unconditional love awakens Libra's passion for beauty and harmony. It lifts worries and inner turmoil to restore balance. Rhodochrosite encourages creativity in finding solutions through cooperation and care for others. Place a piece in your bedroom or living space to enhance the peaceful, aesthetic environment Libras prefer.



Anchor Libra's vision of partnership, cooperation and community. This light blue stone brings courage and clarity for honest yet tactful discussions. It inspires fair-mindedness and new perspectives that value mutual understanding. Aquamarine energizes Libras' quest for equilibrium and balances self-care with commitment to relationships.

Incorporating these crystals can help nurture Libra's gifts for equilibrium, balanced partnerships, care, fairness and innovative cooperation through challenges. Libra's balanced spirit thrives with crystals that uphold diversity, justice and compassion.

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