Higher Love - Self-Love Kit

  • HKD$ 190

Our Higher Love kit contains five handpicked crystals attuned with love, self-love and acceptance. These stones are a great combination to help open the heart chakra, raise self-esteem and boost confidence. They are all about high vibrational loving energy.

Peruvian Rhodonite - Nurtures emotional pain or scars from the past. Nourishes the heart with self-confidence and strength.

Associated chakra: Heart & Root

Rose Quartz - Opens the heart to giving and receiving all kinds of love. Radiates harmony, self love and forgiveness.

Associated chakra: Heart

Pink Opal - Releases emotional stress, fear and anxieties especially to do with matters of the heart. Promotes self-love and self-worth from within.

Associated chakra: Heart

Green Fluorite - Encourages growth, renewal and opens the heart. Clears negative thought patterns and conditioning that do not serve you and need to be released.

Associated chakra: Heart

Peach/Grey Moonstone - The emotions balancer. Stabilises the mood. Strengthens feminine energies and helps bring about positive new beginnings.

Associated chakra: Sacral & Third eye

This kit contains five (5) high quality tumbled stones and comes with a cotton canvas bag and information card. A great gift for a friend or loved one.

Note: Pictures are for reference only. Chosen intuitively. Each stone will vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring.

Chosen intuitively - They say the crystal chooses you. Trust the Universe to send the right crystal your way.