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ZZZ - Beauty Sleep Crystal Kit | lepidolite, selenite, howlite, amethyst, smoky quartz

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Our ZZZ Beauty Sleep kit contains five handpicked crystals to help you relax and get a good nights sleep. This combination of soothing stones gently calm the mind, releases blockages, enhances peaceful dreams and clears away heavy energies that may be disrupting your sleep. These stones are full of gentle and relaxing energies that will instill a sense of calm in your aura and environment. They can be placed under your pillow or by your bedside.

Howlite - Promotes feelings of inner peace and harmony. Reduces tension, stress and anxiety. Calms an overactive mind and promotes a sense of security and balance so you can feel more at ease. Howlite is known to enhance peaceful dreams and better dream recall. 

Smoky Quartz - Grounding and stabilising. Settles the mind and lifts away stress, worries or anxious thoughts that may be bothering you as you sleep. Clears away unwanted energies from you and your space. Absorbs and clears electromagnetic pollution from electronic devices (such as phones and computers) which can affect sleep.

Amethyst - Instills calm, peace and tranquility into any space. Its soothing energy helps relax the mind, body and spirit. Amethyst cleanses and purifies your aura and surroundings. Relieves stress, irritability and restlessness. Known to calm nightmares. Amethyst raises intuition and can help tap into the subconscious mind during sleep to allow more vivid dreams. Assists in remembering and understanding dreams.

Lepidolite - Lepidolite calms mind chatter and assists one to let go of negative, obsessive or anxious thoughts. It helps releases fear based emotions and feelings of overwhelm which may be cluttering your brain at night. It filters out external distractions so you can sleep more peacefully.

Selenite: Comforting, serene and positive energy. A high vibrational stone that surrounds you and your space with peace and tranquility. Selenite helps cleanse negativity and shake off any heavy, dense energies you may be carrying with you to sleep. Its purifying abilities clear unwanted energies from you and your surroundings then forms a shield of protective energetic light around you. 

⋆ Approx. size: 2-3 cm tumbles. Contains five (5) high quality crystals and comes with a cotton canvas bag and information card.

How to use it:

    • Place Lepidolite, Selenite or Amethyst under your pillow (one at a time)
    • Place Rose Quartz in your bedroom on a nightstand or next to your bed.
    • Meditate with one of the stones before going to sleep

    Note: Pictures are for reference only. Pictures shown are reference examples of the stones in this kit.. Each stone will vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring.

    Disclaimer: Crystals should not be used as a replacement or substitute for professional treatment. If you are experiencing trouble sleeping please consult a licensed specialist.

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