Who we are

About The Crystal Van:

The Crystal Van is a high vibe crystals and spiritual shop offering responsibly sourced crystals, gemstones and mystic goods for the spiritually curious and modern witch.
The Crystal Van aims to help you go within, to reconnect and align with your higher self through crystals, spiritual tools and practices. We're here to share healing inspiration and the tools to help you harness age-old crystal healing magic in a modern and simplified approach.
We believe when we work with mother earth's gifts together with the power of intention, gratitude compassion, we lift our vibration, inviting more positivity and light into our world.
We are an eco-conscious shop committed to sustainable operations - that's why all of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable (no plastic here!).
Our mission is simple: to deliver high quality and responsibly sourced crystals, and the tools to support and inspire you on your healing journey.

Our Founders:

Vanessa Hui
Founder. Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner (IICT & IEHA)
An Aries. ENFP. Gypsy soul. I love astrology, the cosmos, feng shui, cats and witchy stuff. I am a certified Crystal Healing Practitioner, accredited by the IICT - International Institute for Complementary Therapists and IEHA - International Energetic Healing Association.

My spiritual awakening began two years ago when I lost my father and aunt to cancer in the same year. I was devastated and grief brought out a lot of darkness in me. I looked for ways to heal both mentally and spiritually which lead me to extensive research into holistic and alternative healing. Having witnessed how distressing, invasive and unnatural chemotherapy treatments were on my father I was motivated to look for natural ways of healing, especially for terminal illnesses. The more I searched the more I learned how important a healthy mind, soul and spiritual connection is to the body’s physical healing.

At the same time of my loss I was feeling deeply unfulfilled in my job. A career in luxury media I spent 10 years building felt empty. I felt so much regret for the time and energy I dedicated to work instead of family and being by my Dad's side. Losing loved ones, in short, put things into perspective and called me to re-evaluate my purpose. I realised there is so much more I can do with my time and gifts so I made a promise to the universe to be more of service to others. I am now a dedicated light-worker and crystal energy healer and through The Crystal Van I hope to share the tools, knowledge and inspiration to help people find a better sense of mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. So, thank you for being here, supporting my purpose and being a part of my journey. 

Yvan Sevic
Pisces. Musician. I discovered crystals thanks to Vanessa and since then I explore more everyday. Being more of a logical thinking person I was skeptical about how a stone could help heal physical ailments or lift your mood. Then I tried crystal healing and it completely altered the way I saw energy. 
I believe crystals can help one's emotional, mental and physical state and have the power to bring what you wish for if you really believe in them through intention and manifesting. That's essentially the law of attraction in force. Crystals can be used as tools to support our growth and bring balance, guidance, mindfulness, companionship or self discovery when needed.  Whichever way you choose to use crystals - there is no doubt they can be appreciated for their beauty - they are still works of art from the earth with their own kind of magic, especially when you know you are holding a piece of mother earth that could be over a million years old.
We are here to help you the best we can to navigate and discover the world of crystals, healing and spirituality. If you are not sure what kind of crystal you think will benefit you feel free to drop us a message anytime.
Moony the Cat
Quality control pawlice
Hi I'm Moony! I was adopted by the best hoomans ever and now I live in a witch's coven filled with so many glittery crystals. I love naps, chestnuts, chasing imaginary things and CRYSTALS, especially my Citrine Crystal Ball. As The Crystal Van's quality control pawlice I check every crystal and package to make sure they are purrrfect before being sent to you. If you have a cat or furry friend I highly recommend having crystals in your space - their energies speak to us on a whole other level. If I could meet any cat in the world it would have to be Salem from Sabrina and the Teenage Witch. He's awesome!

Our Crystals:

Our crystals and gemstones are responsibly sourced via our trustworthy suppliers from around the world. We do our very best to trace our crystals and we never buy from areas of conflict or where we feel the vibe is off. We are committed to bringing high quality crystals to you at fair and reasonable prices. We price our crystals as fairly and reasonably as possible factoring in size, weight, beauty and rarity. We want our crystals to be affordable as we believe everyone deserves to own some crystal magic of their own. 

Our Commitment:

We do our best to be as eco-friendly as possible in all of our operations. Mother Earth has gifted us with some of the most amazing crystals & minerals imaginable and we believe in honouring these gifts by choosing to be as environmentally friendly as we can. That's why we are committed to using sustainable packaging - and wherever possible, our packaging is made from recyclable, recycled or biodegradable material.

Shopping with us:

Each crystal is cleansed and activated under a full moon in The Crystal Van's sacred space. They are cleansed with the purifying sacred smoke of ceremonial white sage or palo santo and the vibrations of our singing bowls are used to activate them with positive intentions. We only offer crystals that we feel are "ready" to find their new home and we may work with crystals a little longer space before making them available.

Although all our crystals are cleansed and charged before reaching you it is always a good idea to cleanse your crystals when you receive them to activate them as your own and welcome them to your home.

You will receive your crystals beautifully packaged in our biodegradable packaging.

Please allow for slight variations in size, shape and natural colouring as each stone is unique

Crystal Conditions:

Crystals are gifts from mother earth which form naturally in the ground. As they form they may develop inclusions, irregularities or cracks. Crystals are fragile minerals to work with and during the process of cutting, polishing and finishing (mostly by hand) dents, chips, nicks or scratches may occur.  Crystals are rarely ever found with zero scratches or marks! Any such dents/chips/scratches on a crystal DOES NOT affect its healing properties or potency.

We hope you accept these crystals exactly as they are with all their beauty and (im)perfections.

All sales are final and we do not accept refunds so please check all the images and videos carefully before purchasing.

Crystals Energy & Metaphysics

Quantum physicists believe that everything is energy and frequency. When we are around crystals our energy levels balance, harmonise and are amplified. This is because crystals have the ability to alter and raise our vibrations due to their consistent crystalline structure and frequency. In contrast, the frequency of humans’ is random and turbulent as we go through our thoughts and emotions, high to low, happy to sad, "0-100 real quick". When we work with crystals they share their positive, stable and consistent frequency to us - which balance our state of being and bring some calm to our internal energetic chaos.

How do I choose a crystal? 

Not sure which crystal is for you?


If you would like some 1:1 guidance from our certified crystal healer drop us a message anytime - we'd be happy to help you.

Want to learn more about crystals? We have lots of inspiration and information on our blog also. Check it out here.


Please read our Disclaimer page before purchasing from our site. All sales from The Crystal Van are of the understanding that customers have read our disclaimer and are in agreement. 
Always remember that crystals and crystal healing are meant only to complement medical treatments, not replace them. 

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