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About The Crystal Van:

The Crystal Van is a crystal and spiritual shop for the spiritually curious and modern witch. Our approach to responsibly sourced crystals, gemstones, and mystic goods is designed to support those who seek to explore the magic of these potent earth energies.

We believe that healing is a journey of self-discovery and connection with the universe. That's why we offer accessible inspiration, rituals, practices, and age-old crystal healing techniques with a modern and simplified approach. By working with Mother Earth's gifts with intention and gratitude, we can elevate our vibration and reconnect with the healing energy of the earth.

At The Crystal Van, we are committed to being an eco-conscious shop. Our packaging is eco-friendly, reflecting our dedication to preserving the environment. As a way to give back, for every order placed, we plant one tree in the Amazonian Rainforest through One Tree Planted.

Join us on a journey of healing and discovery with crystals, where accessibility and sustainability are at our focus, and having fun too.


Our Founders:


Vanessa Hui
Founder. Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner - Evolve Healing Institute (IICT & IEHA).
Aries   Taurus  Gemini Rising. ENFP. Gypsy soul. I love astrology, the cosmos, Feng Shui, cats and witchy stuff. I am a certified Crystal Healing Practitioner, accredited by the IICT - International Institute for Complementary Therapists and IEHA - International Energetic Healing Association.

My journey into spiritual healing and energy consciousness began with a deep loss that shook me to my core. I lost my father and aunt to a sudden aggressive stage 4 cancer that took their lives within months of diagnosis. Witnessing the invasive and unnatural chemotherapy treatments, and the lack of humanity and comfort in end-of-life patient care made me question everything I knew about "medicine."

Through my grief and desperation, I became obsessed with finding natural cures for cancer and anything that anything that did not involve modern "science" or a drug. I researched plant medicine, ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture, reiki, hypnotherapy, raw diet, juicing, and even travelled to the remote countryside of Thailand in search of a well-known Thai folk doctor whose herbal medicines claimed to have healed hundreds of cancer sufferers. The journey took weeks as I joined thousands of faithful people queuing for days to retrieve a mere 8 herbal pills. I was ready to try anything.

Through my search, I began to understand the importance of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physiological wellbeing, not just the physical aspect. I realised that our bodies are not machines we can mechanically tune up when something "malfunctions." Instead, they are vessels of energy that have the power to heal. We can nurture our wellbeing through our mind, actions, thoughts, emotions, and intentions. And so many of us neglect the spiritual healing in our efforts to heal our dis-ease and ailments.

After a decade of success in Marketing, I decided to walk away from my career that had become unfulfilling and disconnected from my deeper values. I realised my career, though it had once been exciting, was ultimately out of alignment with my purpose and sense of meaning. More importantly, I knew I needed space to move through the deep grief and loss and in the corporate world there is no time or space for that.

So I chose to transmute that pain and do the inner work. I found solace in meditation, reiki, plant medicine and crystals, which supported me in a way I never thought possible. They called me to work with healing energy beyond my own needs, inspiring me to train as a Crystal Healer, learn Reiki and sound healing. Spiritual coaching and energy work began filling the void my career could not, giving me a path aligned with nurturing wellbeing and human spirit. I am still learning today, exploring how to share these gifts in the hopes they can comfort others on their journey.

Through The Crystal Van, I hope to share the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to help people find better mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Thank you for reading this far, for supporting my purpose, and being a part of my journey. May blessings follow you always.

Yvan Sevic

Pisces. Old soul. Music lover.

My journey with crystals began thanks to Vanessa, and since then, I've been exploring them more every day. As someone who tends to think logically, I was initially skeptical about how a simple stone could help heal physical ailments or uplift one's mood. However, after experiencing crystal healing, my entire perspective on energy has shifted.

I now firmly believe that crystals can enhance one's emotional, mental, and physical state and possess the power to manifest one's desires if you truly believe in them through intention and manifesting. Essentially, it's the law of attraction in action. Crystals can serve as tools to support personal growth, bring balance, mindfulness, guidance, companionship, or self-discovery when needed. And even if you simply appreciate their beauty, they are still works of art from the earth, with their own kind of magic. Holding a crystal is like holding a piece of Mother Earth that could be over a million years old.

At The Crystal Van, we are here to help you navigate and discover the world of crystals, healing, and spirituality. If you're unsure which crystal would benefit you most, feel free to drop us a message anytime. Let us help you on your journey of self-discovery and healing.

Moony the Cat
Quality control pawlice
Hi I'm Moony! I was rescued by the best hoomans ever and now I live in a witch's coven filled with glittery crystals. I love naps, chestnuts, chasing imaginary things, and CRYSTALS, especially my Citrine Crystal Ball. As The Crystal Van's quality control pawlice I check every crystal and package to make sure they are purrrfect before being sent to you. If you have a cat or furry friend I highly recommend adding crystals in your space - their energies speak to us on a whole other level.
If I could meet any cat in the world it would have to be Salem from Sabrina and the Teenage Witch. He's awesome!

Our Crystals:

At The Crystal Van, we love our crystals and take great care in choosing them from trusted suppliers around the world. We never buy from places where the vibe feels off or there's conflict. We want to make sure our crystals are the real deal, and we price them fairly based on size, beauty, and rarity. We believe everyone deserves to experience the magic of crystals, so we do our best to keep our prices affordable.

Our Commitment:

At The Crystal Van, we believe in honoring the gifts that Mother Earth has given us. That's why we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible in all aspects of our operations. We know that the crystals and minerals we work with are some of the most amazing gifts from the earth, and it's important to us to show our respect by being environmentally conscious. That's why we're committed to using sustainable packaging, and we make sure that our packaging is made from recyclable, recycled, or biodegradable materials whenever possible.

Shopping with us:

Each crystal is cleansed and activated under a full moon in The Crystal Van's sacred space. They are cleansed with the purifying sacred smoke of ceremonial sacred herbs and the vibrations of our singing bowls are used to activate them with positive intentions. We only select crystals that we feel are ready to find their new home and we may work with crystals a little longer in our space before making them available in our shop.

Although all our crystals are cleansed and charged before reaching you it is always a good idea to cleanse your crystals when you receive them. This is to activate them as your own and welcome them to your home.

You will receive your crystals beautifully packaged in our recycled and biodegradable packaging.

As each crystal is unique, please allow for slight variations in size, shape, and natural coloring as each stone is unique. Remember mother earth is the boss. 

Crystal Conditions:

At The Crystal Van, we believe that crystals are precious gifts from Mother Earth that form naturally in the ground. As they develop, they may have inclusions, irregularities, or cracks. We want you to know that crystals are delicate minerals to work with, and during the process of cutting, polishing, and finishing (mostly done by hand), dents, chips, nicks, or scratches may occur. In fact, it's rare to find a crystal without any marks or imperfections!

It's important to note that any such dents, chips, or scratches on a crystal do not affect its healing properties or potency. We hope that you will accept these crystals for exactly what they are, with all their beauty and (im)perfections.

Please be aware that all sales are final, and we do not accept refunds. We strongly recommend that you check all images and videos carefully before making a purchase to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your crystal.

Crystals Energy & Metaphysics

Quantum physicists believe that everything is energy and frequency. When we are around crystals our energy levels balance, harmonise or are amplified. This is because crystals have the ability to alter and raise our vibrations due to their consistent crystalline structure and frequency. In contrast, the frequency of humans’ energy field is random and turbulent as we go through our thoughts and emotions, high to low, happy to sad, 0-100 real quick. When we work with crystals they share their positive, stable and consistent frequency to us - which balance our state of being and bring some calm to our internal energetic chaos.

 What is Crystal Healing & Crystal Therapy?

Crystal therapy has been used for centuries to help treat the mind, body & soul  holistically. These prized minerals dates back to Egyptian times when they were said to be used to purge ‘evil spirits' prmote youth & beauty and carried as talismans for protection.

These days, thanks to new age spirituality has brought a resurgence of crystal therapy and has gained a much bigger following from those looking to heal their body naturally and adopt all round wellbeing.

The belief behind crystal therapy is that individual stones have the ability to affect the energy flow of the human body and help to realign the energetic centres or channels and encourage the bodys naturalt healing abilities to heal itself. Crystals with specific properties are said to help to relieve specific ailments such as anxiety, depression and insomnia, or more physical ailments such as digestive problems, headaches and fertility issues.

Crystal therapy can be as simple as wearing precious stones and minerals as jewellery, carrying them with you in your pocket. Placing crystals in the room where you work and sleep, meditating with them, using crystals in ritual, or being treated by a crystal therapist, who can identify which stones can best work with your own energy.

How do I choose a crystal? 

Not sure which crystal is for you?


If you would like some 1:1 guidance from our certified crystal healer drop us a message anytime - we'd be happy to help you.

Want to learn more about crystals? We have lots of inspiration and information on our blog also. Check it out here.


Please read our Disclaimer page before purchasing from our site. All sales from The Crystal Van are of the understanding that customers have read our disclaimer and are in agreement. Always remember that crystals and crystal healing are meant only to complement medical treatments, not replace them. 

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