Aries Zodiac Crystal Kit | carnelian, citrine, red jasper, bloodstone

  • HKD$ 140
Aries Zodiac Information
Date Duration: March 21 to April 19
Symbol: Ram
Element: Fire
Sign Quality: Cardinal
Planetary Ruler: Mars
Positive traits: Courageous. Competitive. Independent. Passionate. Assertive. Leaders. Enthusiastic. Ambitious. Risk taker.
Negative traits: Impatient. Reckless. Impulsive. Short-tempered. Jealous. Argumentative.
Aries don't have dreams. They call them plans.

Aries are the life of the party, and the ones who got it started. As the first sign of the zodiac Aries exemplifies the energy of new life, new opportunities and new beginnings. Aries are natural born leaders and self-starters. Souls born under Aries are usually great at starting things but not finishing them... as they quickly move on to the next challenge, adventure, project that catches their attention.

This Aries crystal kit is curated to complement and balance Aries fiery energy, bring patience and grounding when needed and assist Aries to remain focused on their goals.

CARNELIAN ~ Vitality. Motivation. Willpower. Creativity. Matches Aries' bright and fiery energy. This aries crystal will promote endurance and perseverance when needed. Carnelian helps Aries recharge yourtheir batteries and also balance their (sometimes dangerous) impulsiveness. Aries tend to have a fiery temper - carnelian can ease rage, jealousy and envy.

associated chakra: sacral

CITRINE ~Joy. Strength. Abundance. Confidence. Compliments Aries' positivity & enthusiasm. This sunny stone complements Aries bright and enthusiastic character. A great stone to amplify Aries confidence and their positive outlook on life.

associated chakra: solar plexus
RED JASPER ~ Action. Purpose. Passion. Balance. Grounding. Encourages the ambitious goal-getter Aries. Aries tend to lose interest quickly and jump onto the next thing that excited them. Red Jasper helps Aries maintain focus and finish what they started.

associated chakra: sacral & root
BLOODSTONE ~ Focus. Grounding. Stability. Detoxifying. Grounds the sometimes impulsive and impatient Aries. Bloodstone brings heart centered awareness and encourages bold Aries to remain steady and approach things with care and responsibility.

associated chakra: heart & root

This Aries Zodiac Crystal Kit includes:

  • 1 x Carnelian
  • 1 x Citrine
  • 1 x Red Jasper
  • 1 x Bloodstone
  • 1 x Info card 
  • 1 x cotton canvas bag

Approx size: 2-3 cm

Pictures are for reference only. Chosen intuitively. Crystals may vary slightly in size, shape and natural colouring.They say the crystal chooses You. Let the universe bring the right crystal to you.