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Shine Bright - Confidence Crystal Kit | rose quartz, carnelian, tiger eye, red jasper, citrine

  • HKD$ 190

Our Shine Bright Confidence crystal kit contains five handpicked crystals to help you access your personal power and bring forth your best and beautiful self in any situation. These stones are attuned to promoting confidence, courage, inner strength and igniting an unwavering faith in yourself and your abilities. They spark positivity, raise self-esteem and remove fears around failure (such as negative thoughts or self-limiting beliefs) that may be holding you back. We hope this kit supports you to develop personal power and trust in your own ability to achieve whatever you set out to do. Ain't nothin' holding you back now. You got this!

Rose Quartz -  Raises ones self-confidence and sense of self-worth. Radiates a nurturing energy that is all about compassion, forgiveness and self-love. Encourages a firm belief in yourself and your abilities and reminds you that you are enough, worthy and deserving of whatever it is you wish to manifest. Rose Quartz surrounds you in a bubble of love and asks you to honour yourself for who you are. After all, having confidence in yourself starts with loving yourself first.

Associated chakra: Heart

Tiger's Eye: Encourages self-respect and integrity. Supports you to set boundaries on all levels so you can protect your sacred energy from negativity, people or things that could lower your confidence. Promotes sharpness, vigilance and inner knowing. Helps you tap into what is unique about YOU and guides you to use your personal power confidently and wisely. Encourages you to see beyond fear and dissolves any self-doubt or self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. 

Associated chakra: Solar Plexus

Red Jasper - Grounding, strength and stability. This powerful stone removes anxious or fear based thoughts that stunt your growth. Its uplifting energies instills courage, enhances focus and inspires action. Red Japer activates the root and sacral chakras which are associated with primal and survival instincts helping you become more alert and better prepared to face any challenges the world throws at you. This strengthening stone raises stamina, endurance and sensuality. Promotes personal independence. 

Associated chakra: Root & Sacral

Citrine - A stone of positivity, courage and enthusiasm. Promotes happiness, joy and helps one see the goodness and beauty in life. Opens the mind to new thoughts and enhances mental clarity. Awakens your sun center where your authenticity lies and guides you to identify what truly makes you happy. Citrine dissolves negative energy blocks and makes space for you to allow the good, abundant energy to flow into your life so that you can shine with confidence. A powerful and strengthening stone to help you especially during times of stress.  

Associated chakra: Solar Plexus & Sacral

Carnelian - A stone full of vitality, passion and life force energy. Carnelian activates a more positive mindset and confidence in your abilities. Enhances creativity and imagination. It's empowering energies help you tune into your talents and use them confidently. Ignites motivation, ambition and determination. Switches on a "goal-getter" mode and fires up the energy to succeed. Promotes self-confidence and emotional independence. 

Associated chakra: Sacral 

How to use them

  • Carry these stones with you whenever want a boost of confidence.
  • Meditate with them asking them to share their energies to you
  • Create a crystal grid with the intention of confidence and shining BRIGHT
  • Feng shui your home in the areas in your life where you want to see more confidence

Approx size: 2-3 cm 

Note: Pictures are for reference only. Stones are chosen intuitively. Each stone will vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring.

Chosen Intuitively: They say the crystal chooses You. Trust the universe to bring the right crystal your way. 

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