⋆ Purification ⋆ Protection ⋆ Higher Realms ⋆ Ascension ⋆ Spirituality ⋆ Enlightenment ⋆ Connection ⋆ Meditation ⋆ Calming ⋆ Sleep

  • Cleanses, charges & magnifies other crystals
  • Quickly clears away stagnant or negative energy
  • Brings mental clarity & helps one see the deeper picture
  • Expands self awareness & intuition
  • Excellent for meditation or spiritual work

Note: Selenite is FRAGILE. As a result please be aware that scratches, chips and flaking are common. Please be mindful of this when purchasing.

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Smooth Selenite Wand | purifying & high vibration
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Crystal Info Card: Selenite
Good Vibes Only | Sage, Palo Santo & Selenite Cleansing Bundle
Selenite 30 cm Wand  | high vibration & purifying