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No Drama - Protection Crystal Kit | pyrite, malachite, smoky quartz, amethyst, black obsidian

  • HKD$ 200

Our No Drama - Protection Crystal Kit contains five handpicked crystals to help protect and shield you from negative or unwanted energies, bad vibes, dark forces and psychic attack. These highly protective stones clears away negativity from you and help you stay grounded, focused and assertive when dealing with toxic people or environments.

Remember your energy is sacred and ain't nobody got time for drama.

Smoky Quartz - Clears unwanted energies from you and your environment so you are not weighed down by negativity from other people or your surroundings. Encourages groundedness, practicality and stability. Known to help relieve stress. Absorbs electromagnetic pollution from devices such as TVs, cellphones and computers.

Associated Chakra: Root & Sacral

Amethyst: A protective stone with a calming and serene energy that lifts away stress, worries and anxiety. Amethyst clears negativity and purifies your aura and surroundings. Calms an overactive mind making it a great stone for relaxation or meditation. Instills peace and serenity in your space by projecting positive energetic light all around. Known to sharpen ones intuition and vision. Amethysts purifying abilities make it strong enough to cleanse and charge other crystals. 

Associated Chakra: Third eye

Pyrite - Highly protective stone that clears away any self-limiting belief from within oneself. Grounding and centering. Boosts willpower and focus. Helps you be more assertive and authoritative when needed. Protects the aura and energetic field. Attracts positivity, luck and abundance. Assist one to see beyond facades and establish better boundaries which will help you protect your energy suckers or dark forces obstructing the path towards your goals. Activates determination and a goal-getter mindset.

Associated chakras: All
Malachite - Absorbs negative energy of all kinds and creates a strong energetic barrier around you. Breaks any unhealthy patterns, behaviours or conditioning that hold you back. Encourages personal growth, positive change and transitions towards your highest good. Promotes heart centered awareness and opens the heart to giving and receiving all kinds of love. 

Associated Chakra: Heart
Black Obsidian - A powerful protection stone that shields you from negativity, dark forces and psychic attack. Protects you from taking on other peoples stress or traumas that may be draining you and dulling your spark. Dissolves tension and anger. Removes negative emotions, attachments or old patterns that do not serve you. Supports positive change and growth and helps you identify the shifts you need to make to move forward.

Associated Chakra: Root

⋆ Approx. size: 2-3 cm tumbles. Contains five (5) high quality handpicked tumbled stones. Comes with a cotton canvas bag and information card.

How to use it:

  • Carry these stones with you whenever you feel under psychic attack or are entering a toxic energetic environment (separately or together)
  • Cleanse often as these stones quickly absorb negative energies.

What is "psychic attack"?

Psychic attack in energy speak is an attack on someone through the mind - it can be in the form of ill wishes, voodoo, spells, hatred, jealousy, gossip or any kind of negative thought or intentions being directed to you. We have all experienced this at some point in our lives whether it was being caught up in drama between a friendship group or dealing with office politics in the workplace. No thank you.


Note: Pictures are for reference only. Stones will be chosen intuitively by us. Each stone may vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring.

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