High Vibes Home Protection Crystal Kit

  • HKD$ 170
"I cleanse unwanted energies from my home. Bless this space with loving, healing light and positive energy.. Anything not aligned with my higher self leaves now. Only positivity is welcome here"

Your home is your sanctuary, a sacred space. This high vibes home kit has what you need to clear away negative energy, promote peace, balance and invite supportive positive energy into your space.

Use this kit to cleanse, clear and protect your home from bad vibes. The antibacterial properties of Palo Santo clear out stagnant energy. Black Tourmaline acts as a protection stone. Selenite infuses your space with positive vibrations.

Together this combination form powerful energetic protection to shield you and those in your home from negativity or unwanted energies from entering.

Read our recommended ritual to activate these stones below.

Black Tourmaline ~ Release ~ Shielding ~ Protection ~ Clears negativity 

The no drama stone. Black Tourmaline dispels negative energy from around you especially from psychic attack (gossip, jealousy, ill wishes or negativity directed towards you) directing it back to the sender. This stone energetically clears your path - pushing obstacles and distractions out of your way so you can move forward. A powerful protection stone that can be placed by your front door to ward off negative energy or dark forces. This stone will also encourage you to remove any negative thoughts or emotions you have internally such as self-sabotaging behaviour or destructive habits - asking you to release them.

Associated chakra: Root

Selenite ~ Purifying ~ Cleansing ~ High Vibration ~ Light ~ Positivity 

The energy purifier. Selenite is a high  frequency, high high vibration stone full of positivity and light. It has the ability to quickly cleanse and purify its surroundings, absorbing stagnant energy, chasing out darkness and replacing with pure energetic light. A stone of connection, higher guidance and intuitive insight it can assist you to go deeper in meditation and clear blockages from your energetic field. Selenite can cleanse and charge other crystals or be placed in a central area of the home to project positive vibes out in all directions. 

Associated chakras: Crown

Peruvian Palo Santo Stick ~ Relaxing ~  Sacred ~  Ancient healing ~  Meditation ~  Awareness ~ Antibacterial ~  Bug Repellent.

Hints of frankincense, citrus and pine. Palo Santo has been traditionally used to remove bacteria from the air and clear bad energy or spirits that linger in spaces. Palo Santo wood incense brings a calming effect that is known to support the immune and nervous system. Sustainably harvested from Peru and 100% natural. 

What's included:

How to use this kit:
  1. Place four Selenite wands in the four corners of your home to make a protection grid and start a circuit of positive energy flow.
  2. Place Black Tourmaline above the main doorways to protect from unwanted or negative energies entering your home
  3. Smudge your space with the palo santo stick. Light the stick and let the smokes antibacterial and cleansing properties clear away any stagnant energy.
  4. Set an intention for protection, shielding from negativity and inviting more positivity.

Approx. sizes: Selenite 6-7 cm. Black Tourmaline 2-3 cm. Palo Santo stick 9-10 cm

Valued at HK$220 (if pieces are purchased separately)

Note: Pictures are for reference only. Stones are chosen intuitively. Each stone or palo santo stick may vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring. 

Chosen Intuitively: They say the crystal chooses You. Trust the universe to bring the right crystal your way.