Leo Zodiac Crystal Kit | citrine, rose quartz, garnet, tiger eye

  • HKD$ 140
.Leo Zodiac Information
Date Duration: July 23 to August 22
Symbol: Lion
Element: Fire
Sign Quality: Fixed
Planetary Ruler: Sun
Positive traits: Courageous. Determined. Encouraging. Charismatic. Warm-hearted. Generous. Loyal.
Negative traits: Dramatic. Oversensitive. Demanding. Controlling. Stubborn. Arrogant.

TIGER EYE ~ Abundance. Courage. Self-discipline. Practicality. Brings out Leos confidence, focus & decisiveness keeping them grounded and focused on their goals.

ROSE QUARTZ ~ Love. Self-acceptance. Empathy. Release.  Encourages Leos to let go & practice forgiveness. Softens their heart and mind bringing balance during tough times

GARNET ~ Self-confidence. Loyalty. Strength. Passion. Compliments Leos charismatic charm & liveliness.

CITRINE ~ Joy. Prosperity. Abundance. Positivity. Helps Leos access their strength & confidence.

This Leo Zodiac Crystal Kit includes:

  • 1 x Tiger Eye
  • 1 x Rose Quartz
  • 1 x Garnet
  • 1 x Citrine
  • 1 x Crystal properties info card 
  • 1 x Cotton canvas bag

Approx size: 2-3 cm

Pictures are for reference only. Crystals may vary slightly in size, shape and natural colouring. Chosen intuitively - They say the crystal chooses You. Trust the universe to send the right crystal your way. Our team will intuitively pick the crystals for this kit.