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Peruvian Gold Pyrite Sphere

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⋆ Wealth ⋆ Attracts Abundance ⋆ Prosperity ⋆ Intelligence ⋆ Protection ⋆ Memory ⋆ Mental Strength ⋆ Willpower ⋆ Logic ⋆ Practicality ⋆ Optimism ⋆ Enhances Learning  ⋆ Masculine Energy

Pyrite is a powerful protection stone which shields against all forms of negative energy. A stone of opportunity, abundance, practicality and productivity.

Pyrite is also known as "Fool's Gold" and is traditionally a crystal used to bring wealth, prosperity and financial growth. Its energies help you tune into an "abundance mentality" which is useful when wanting to manifest wealth.

    • Stimulates the intellect, enhances memory, promotes logical thinking and practicality.
    • Increases productivity through allowing one to focus intently - great to keep close by when you are working or studying.
    • Assists one to see beyond what meets the eye - it expand ones perception to promote a better understanding of things. It is a great stone if you have trouble understanding messages, words or actions as it will open your perspectives.
    • Enhances willpower, determination and stimulates memory making it a great motivation buddy when you want to kick start a new project or when studying.
    • Protects from EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies / Pollution)
    • Good for manifesting abundance and good luck - it activates an abundance mindset so you can attract more wealth your way.

    Associated chakras:

    • Solar Plexus

    How to use it:

    • Carry with you when you feel under psychic attack (ill wishes, gossip or negativity being directed to you) or when you want to avoid drama in the workplace or in social groups.
    • Use together with Tigers Eye, Green Aventurine or Citrine to amplify financial growth
    • Place on an alter with money underneath to manifest money and wealth

    Country of Origin: Peru

    Note: Some of the best quality pyrite in the world comes from Peru and is becoming increasingly rare due to mine closures. These spheres have been ethically sourced directly from our friends in Peru.

    Price listed is for one (1) pyrite stone. Pictures are for reference only. Each stone will vary slightly in shape and size.

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