"Asta" Bracelet (100% proceeds donated to Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation)

  • HKD$ 195

⋆ Love ⋆ Harmony ⋆ Emotional Independence ⋆ Self-Development ⋆ Synchronicity ⋆ New Beginnings ⋆ Lunar Energy ⋆ Grounding ⋆ Balance ⋆ Inner Power ⋆ Higher Realms

100% proceeds will be donated to to Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. Limited quantities of each size available.

This handmade bracelet is is made with Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Peach Moonstone/ Moonstone. These crystals radiate love, compassion and a nurturing energy that encourage heart centered awareness, kindness and compassion. Together they bring harmony, calm, love, strength, confidence and emotional stability whenever it is needed.

"Asta" meaning = "divine strength" in Greek

Rose Quartz: Love. Harmony. Compassion. Nourishing. Self-love. Romance. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Activates the heart chakra and love energies to enable one to love and give love. Embraces one with loving energies like a warm hug. Activates feelings of  "I am loved. I am deserving of love."

Chakra: Heart

Rhodonite: Self-love. Inner Power. Independence. Identity. Emotional confidence.   Forgiveness. Reminds one of their own power and strength. Instills a "I am enough and I worthy" mindset. 

Chakra: Heart & Root

Peach Moonstone: New beginnings. Self-Development. Synchronicity. Femininity.  Lunar energy. Sparks positive new beginnings and attracts new opportunities. Balances emotions. Connects you to Higher realms.

Chakra: Sacral

For your wrist size please measure the circumference using a tape measure or piece of string. If you need a custom size that is not listed please send us a DM.