Andean Pink Opal Tumble | love & self-worth (rare)

  • HKD$ 60

 Love ~ self-worth ~ self-appreciation ~ freedom ~ emotional confidence ~ open heart ~ releases anger ~ invites loyalty ~ emotional peace ~ faithfulness ~ spontaneity ~ originality  ~ heart chakra

The emotions balancer. Pink Opal is a gentle and nurturing stone that activates and balances the heart chakra with loving energy and self-appreciation. Pink Opal encourages self-love and improves self-worth. The beautiful vibrations of this stone invite love without inhibitions into our lives and teach us to love with understanding, freedom and confidence.

Pink opal works with the heart chakra to release blockages held at the heart space. It opens the heart to giving and receiving love. It teaches us to let go of anger, resentment, hatred or jealousy.

The ancient American high cultures of the Aztecs and Incas thought of the Andean Opal as an "eye of the gods", which the gods had left behind on earth. 

Associated chakras: 

  • Heart

How to cleanse it:

  • Sunlight ☼
  • Moonlight ☽
  • Sacred smoke (such as palo santo sage)

Approx size: 2-3 cm

Country of Origin: Peru

Price listed is for one (1) andean opal tumble. Pictures are for reference only. Each stone will vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring.  *Chosen intuitively: They say the crystal chooses you. Trust in the universe to send the right crystal your way.