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Ria Bracelet (aquamarine, kunzite, rose quartz, rhodonite)

  • HKD$ 220

~ mind & heart connection ~ speaking from your heart ~ truthful communication ~ emotional Independence  ~ grounding ~ inner power ~ hidden talents ~ self-love ~ self-worth ~ heart chakra energies

This handmade bracelet is is made with Aquamarine, Purple Kunzite, Rose Quartz & Rhodonite. Harness the energies of all four crystals, all of which work well together to encourage emotional strength, confidence, grounding, independence. These four different crystals together resonate with the heart, throat and root chakras to encourage self-love, heart, mind and voice connection, accessing your inner power embracing your best self and speaking your truth. Together they support you in bringing emotional balanc and help build a stronger connection between the mind & heart.

Aquamarine: ~ soothing ~ truthful communication ~ letting go ~ going with the flow ~ freedom of expression ~ tolerance ~ courage ~ ocean energy

Helps one to release anger and tension. Encourages one to access and speak their honest truth. Asks one to let go of fears and anything holding you back. Supports surrendering and going with the flow. Promotes harmony, balance and a calm mind.

Chakra: Throat

Kunzite: ~ love ~ understanding ~ appreciation ~ connecting the mind & heart ~ universal love ~self-worth ~ heart chakra.

Promotes loving relationships. A powerful emotions and heart chakra activator. Supports you to let go of heavy emotions, old wounds or emotional blockages. Inspires one to live in the present with an open heart. Helps break down protective walls that don't serve you. Awakens energies of universal love and encourages stronger sens of self-worth.

Chakra: Heart

Rose Quartz ~ love ~ harmony ~ compassion ~ nourishing ~ forgiveness ~ empathy ~ self-love ~ romance ~ acceptance ~ heart chakra

Activates the heart chakra and love energies to enable one to give and receive love. Embraces one with loving energies like a warm hug. Raises self-worth and self-confidence. Activates feelings of  "I am loved. I am deserving of love."

Chakra: Heart

Rhodonite: ~ Self-love ~ inner power ~ emotional strength ~ independence ~ stability ~ grounding ~ identity ~ emotional confidence ~ accessing hidden talents.

Supports one in healing past emotional wounds. Reminds one of their own power and strength. Helps one access and harness their hidden talents. Promotes emotional independence and confidence. Instills a "I am enough and I worthy" mindset. 

Chakra: Heart & Root

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