Introducing our Crystal Kits

Introducing our Crystal Kits - thecrystalvan

A selection of kits curated around a specific purpose or intention. Great as a gift or a treat for yourself. Each kit comes with a cotton canvas bag and an information card.


Our Higher Love Self-love kit contains five handpicked crystals attuned with love, self-love and acceptance. These stones are a great combination to help open the heart chakra, promote acceptance, resolve past emotional pain, raise self-esteem and boost self-confidence. They are all about high vibrational loving energy, compassion and universal love. A great kit if you feel

Who is this kit for?

If you need some self love and appreciation for yourself. If you lack confidence in yourself. If you have emotional trauma or pain from the pat that you wish to work through. If you want to promote love of all kinds, harmony in relationships or compassion and acceptance.



Our Down-to-Earth Grounding kit contains five handpicked crystals to help you feel grounded, stable and clear of negative or unwanted energies. Together they form a powerful combination of strengthening, centering and stabilising energy that will help you feel rooted back to earth and keep bad vibes away. These stones have got your back so you can get back to being YOU.

Who is this kit for?

If you want to feel more secure, stable, motivated and connected to yourself, your purpose and path. This is a good set of stones if you are feeling lost, disconnected, lack of motivation or interest, sluggish, scattered or confused this kit will help you tap into your inner knowing and feel more wholeness.



Our No Drama Protection kit is curated to help protect and shield you from negative or unwanted energies, bad vibes, dark forces and psychic attack. These highly protective stones clear away negativity from you and help you stay grounded, focused and assertive when dealing with toxic people or environments. These protective stones raise your awareness and sharpness so you are more alert to bad vibes around you and better equipped to deal with them.

Who is this kit for?

If you feel drained by other peoples negative energy or drama and want to protect your sacred energy. If you are surrounded by drama, conflict, gossip or bad vibes and want to shield your energy from toxic environments or people.



Our ZZZ Beauty Sleep kit is curated with crystals to help you relax and get a good nights sleep. This combination of soothing stones help calm the mind, release blockages, enhance peaceful dreams and clear away heavy energies that may be disrupting your sleep.  These stones are full of gentle and relaxing energies that will instill a sense of calm in your aura and environment. These crystals can be placed under your pillow or by your bedside. They can be placed under your pillow or by your bedside. We spend a third of our life sleeping... so let's get it right.

Who is this kit for?

If you need help relaxing and switching off. If you are restless, stressed or have trouble to sleep.



Our Shine Bright Confidence kit is curated with crystals to help you access your personal power and bring forth your best and beautiful self in any situation. These stones are attuned to promoting confidence, courage, inner strength and igniting an unwavering faith in yourself and your abilities. They help to raise self-esteem, positivity as well as removing fears around failure, or negative and self-limiting thoughts that may be holding you back. We hope this kit can help you develop strength and trust in your own ability to achieve whatever you set out to do. Ain't nothin' holding you back now. You got this!

Who is this kit for?

If you need a boost of confidence, motivation or courage. If you want to tap into your inner strength and shine. If you need some faith in yourself and your abilities. 

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