4 Step Cleansing Ritual for the New Year

4 Step Cleansing Ritual for the New Year - thecrystalvan

Bye bye 2020 - won't miss ya. The new year is a good time to renew the energy in your home or space. This easy cleansing ritual is a great way to purify your space, shift the energy flow and invite positivity for the year ahead. 

What you will need:

  • Sage leaves or Palo Santo stick for smudging
  • Your favourite incense
  • Lighter or matches 
  • Selenite crystals
  • Feather (optional)

Step 1: Declutter. 

Too much clutter can block the energy flow in the space so before beginning to cleanse the area its a good idea to clear out some unwanted items and tidy up. Researchers at UCLA’s Centre on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF) have identified a direct link between the stress hormone cortisol and clutter. Some further studies also suggest that people with messy homes are 77 percent more likely to have weight issues due to the negative monologue a messy living space perpetrates. Eeek! 

Step 2: Smudge your space. 

image credit: tahirydevine

You can use Sage, Palo Santo or any other herb bundle of your choice. Open doors and windows to allow the stagnant energy to leave the space. Light the sage for about 20 seconds then blow out. You can use a feather to help waft the smoke around. Start at your front door. Hold the sage and move around your space allowing the smoke to reach every corner of your home. Stagnant energy likes to hide in dark places so be sure to smudge behind doors, inside cupboards and hidden nooks and crannies. If you have crystals around you home, smudge them too. As you move through your space you can repeat an intention out loud or in your head.

"With this sacred smoke I clear away any negativity or unwanted energy from this space. Only positivity and good energy aligned with my soul is welcome here"  Saying this intention will help solidify the purpose of this smudging act/ritual.

image credit: dos ombre

Step 3: Create a Grid of Protection

Enter crystals. You will need Selenite crystals to create a protective grid in your home. 

Selenite is a high vibrational crystal that will bring in the light, uplifting and positive energy to your space. It purifies its surroundings and creates a protective shield blocking any negativity or bad vibes from entering. 

Place a Selenite tower in the center of your space - a pointed tower or piece will help direct the light energy upward and outward. 

If you have four Selenite crystals - place them in the four corners of your home to create a protective grid. 

Burning incense

image credit: susana marsiglia

Step 4: Burn Incense. Send Gratitude. 

Finally, light your favourite incense to infuse your space with a calming and tranquil energy. Take a moment to connect with yourself, the universe or source you believe in and send gratitude and thanks for your space and the protection it provides you. 

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