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Crystals to Protect against Negativity - thecrystalvan

Crystals all have different benefits and energies and thankfully there are crystals known to protect your energy from negativity or anything that is not aligned with your vibe. 

Certain crystals not only shield you from bad energy but also EMF (electro magnetic frequencies) a kind of radiation emitted from devices such as mobile phones, microwaves, TVs, cellular data etc. These EMF emissions are artificial, disrupt earth's natural frequencies and over time can put our energetic fields out of balance. EMF protection crystals essentially purify the air of electromagnetic smog the way an air purifier would cleanse the air of bacteria. Try putting EMF absorbing crystals (like smoky quartz or lepidolite) next to electrical devices around your home and see if you can feel the difference.

What I love about protective stones is they also have the ability to shield you from psychic attack. Psychic attack in energy speak is an attack on someone energetically - it can be in the form of ill wishes, voodo, hatred, jealousy, gossip or any kind of negative thought or intentions being directed to you. We've all experienced this at some point in our lives whether it was being caught up in drama between a friendship group or dealing with office politics in the workplace. Not fun. No thanks!!

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That! – Jason Bornstein

Thankfully there are crystals that can help. Whilst they won't take down the one gossiping about you or make the negative people in your life disappear they WILL guard your energy and make you more aware and better equipped to deal with these toxic people and negative environments.

Here are a few protective crystals for banishing unwanted energies so you can get back to your good vibes only. Remember, your energy is sacred and ain't nobody got time for drama. 


1. Black Tourmaline

Great for clearing negativity in toxic environments and keeping a barrier between you and those energy suckers. A balancing stone which holds both masculine and feminine energies and has the ability to transmute dense energy into lighter energy waves. Black Tourmaline is one of the most protective stones and is especially helpful for sensitive people, empaths or if you pick up on other peoples energy quite easily.

How to use it: Use it in your workplace or wherever you spend the most time interacting with people. Carry it with you when you feel sensitive emotionally. Its grounding energies will keep you centered and dispel from any energies from messing with your vibe.

2. Smoky Quartz 

An extremely grounding stone, Smoky Quartz will bring you down to earth and keep you rooted to the ground. Known to help reduce stress and promoting resilience and - especially important when you're dealing with toxic vibes. Its strengthening energies will stabilise and keep emotions balanced too. Smoky Quartz is my number one stone for protecting against electro-magnetic smog/pollution. If you are sensitive to radiation waves from electric devices like computers, wifi, and mobile phones this stone will help clear away these emissions. 

How to use it: Place next to electrical devices in your home or workplace. Cleanse often to clear away any "pollution" or negative energy it has absorbed. 

3. Black Obsidian

A highly protective and grounding stone that will help you feel more grounded and connected to yourself and the earth. Black Obsidian clears away any negative energy or patterns and forms a protective shield around you.

Unlike Black Tourmaline Black Obsidian brings your awareness to any negative patterns, emotions or attachments you may be holding on to that doesn't serve you. It clears mental fog and raises alertness to help you see through the BS. 
How to use it: Carry with you especially when entering new environments or meeting new people. It will keep you alert and sharp so you can see through any BS! Also useful to use as part of cord cutting rituals or when you want to cut ties with someone or something. 

4. Hematite

Roman warriors would take hematite with them in battle as they believed it would bring them physical protection. And they did pretty well didn't they?
Hematite carries a calming, centered energy that lifts away negative and self-limiting thoughts about oneself replacing it with courage and confidence. It promotes mental clarity helping you make good choices and is a stone widely known to help overcome addictions. 
How to use it: Carry with you whenever you feel anxious or lack of courage. Work with this stone to help overcome addictions and negative patterns.
5. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a great stone for setting boundaries. And we all know toxic people like to test and push our boundaries. Healthy boundaries are essential to keeping a good state or emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Having no boundaries can leave you vulnerable to other peoples draining energy. It is so important for your own well-being to know your boundaries, what is acceptable and when you should to peace out. Lapis Lazuli's promotes insight, wisdom and truth and will help you tap into your intuition to set those healthy boundaries. 

Lazuli is also a good stone for protecting you from negativity you may have for yourself. It stops self-doubt and draws on your inner power so you can see and believe in your own strength and abilities.

How to use it: Ideal stone for you if you are the type of person who has trouble setting boundaries, gives too much of themselves or is often drained by other people or things easily. Carry with you as often as possible close to your throat chakra (wear as a necklace) as it will help you voice your boundaries too. 


6. Amethyst

One of the best stones for purifying energy. Amethyst quickly lifts away unwanted vibes from your space and body. A great crystal for your home as it promotes tranquility and serenity in any space and dispels negativity replacing with positive energetic light. 

Amethyst removes stress, anxiety and raises spiritual connection. Its serene vibes are known for easing insomnia and promoting restful sleep.  

How to use it: Keep an Amethyst in the center of your home where there is high traffic (perhaps your living room) It will neutralise and balance the energy and project out soothing vibes.

Carry amethyst with you if you are feeling anxious. Place under your pillow or next to your bed to promote restful sleep. For charging crystals simply place your crystals on top of or next to a piece of Amethyst overnight. 


7. Black Tourmalinated Quartz

Black Tourmalinated Quartz is a powerful combination of Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline meaning it has the duality of protection and clarity.

It's grounding energy from the black tourmaline removes negativity from you and your aura whilst the clear quartz brings clarity and awareness to any of your own negative or self limiting thoughts. Black tourmalinated quartz quickly absorbs and transmutes any negative energy in your body and and around you and is also a strong neutraliser of EMF rays, electro-magnetic pollution. 

Clears the mind and promotes mental clarity. Known also to balance yin and yang energies Black Tourmalinated Quartz resonates with all the chakras and will help you feel grounded to earth and restored in mind, body and spirit.


How to use it: Carry with you when when you feel vulnerable to psychic attack or when you need clarity. Place on your desk or wherever you spend the most time to benefit from its grounding and stabilising energy.


Our "NO DRAMA" protection crystal kit is a set of five handpicked crystals attuned to protect and shield you from negativity and bring positive good vibes only.

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