The Best Crystals for Cancer Zodiac Signs | Cancer Zodiac Birthstones

The Best Crystals for Cancer Zodiac Signs | Cancer Zodiac Birthstones

Cancer Zodiac Information

Date Duration: June 21 to July 22
Symbol: Crab
Element: Water
Sign Quality: Cardinal
Ruler: The Moon
Power Colour: White & Silver

Positive traits: Dependable. Intuitive. Protective. Self-reliant. Nurturing

Negative traits: Moody. Pessimistic. Clingy. Jealous.

Cancers are deeply intuitive, caring and sentimental people. They bring enormous compassion and care to other people. They are kind hearted souls who have a high emotional intelligence, genuine empathy and understanding for others. They have the ability to make people feel better, stronger and understood.
With the Moon as its ruling sign, the celestial planet that governs our emotions, feelings and maternal energies, Cancers tend to be sensitive and very in-tune with their emotions. They are the homebodies of the zodiac who are most comfortable chilling at home surrounded by family and loved ones.
But like all zodiac signs, they can have negative traits – being moody, pessimistic or impatient, especially if things aren’t going their way.
Healing crystals are a wonderful way to balance Cancer’s characteristics. So, whether you’re a Cancer, shopping for one or want to work with Cancer’s energies in your chart here are five recommended healing crystals.

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Vitality. Creativity. Passion. Sensuality. Love. Devotion. Loyalty. Faithfulness. Commitment. 
Ruby is the birthstone for July. This vibrant red gemstone stimulates creativity, artistic exploration and imagination. It activates cancers creative center and encourages them to follow their heart. 
Ruby activates the heart chakra promoting deeper feelings of love, devotion, faithfulness and loyalty. This makes it a great stone especially for Cancers wishing to build loving and lasting relationships. Cancers are deeply sentimental people who crave intimacy - Ruby can support them in following their heart. Ruby is believed to support Cancerians in obtaining wealth and helping them access their inner strength. It brings Cancerians stability and vitality especially during time of stress which can bring out the moody and pessimistic side of Cancers personality. 

Red Jasper

Strength. Endurance. Stamina. Determination. Courage. Positive attitude. Wholeness. Grounding. Taking action. Personal independence
A stone of stability, strength and endurance. Red jasper stabilises the mood, promotes grounding and encourages responsibility. It promotes personal independence and empowers you to speak out with honestly especially when confrontation is needed or in conflicts. This stone has strong grounding properties - connecting you to mother earth and asking you to stand your ground when you believe in something. It protects you against those that wish to control or dominate you emotionally making it a good stone for empaths.
As a sacral and root chakra stone it enhances feelings of stability and rootedness making it a great stone for the homebody Cancer to feel comforted and secure. Red jasper also reminds Cancers to take time for themselves and have a good balance between caring for others and nourishing themselves.
How to use it: 
  • Take a piece of Red Jasper with you on a walk in nature. Place it on the ground with your hand over it. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and allow yourself to tune into the smells, the sounds and the feeling of nature around you. Visualise mother earths nourishing energy flowing from the ground through the crystal and up into your body. 
  • Carry it with you when you want a boost of energy. Take it to the gym to an important meeting or presentation. It will remind you to bring your best. 

Rose Quartz

Love. Self-love. Kindness. Compassion. Empathy. Heartspace. Mother & Child bond. Universal love. 

Rose quartz is a stone of love and a magnifier of the heart. It promotes compassion, understanding, kindness and is one of the most effective stones for attracting love, encouraging self-love and allowing one to honour themselves. Rose quartz teaches patience, forgiveness and acceptance – something sensitive Cancers find difficult especially if they’ve been hurt or wronged.
Rose quartz has a gentle vibration that anyone can tap into making it a great crystal for beginners.
How to use it:
  • When you feel emotionally low hold a piece of rose quartz at the heart chakra, located at the centre of the chest, and visualise a nourishing pink light filling your body.


Passion. Endurance. Courage. Vitality. Bravery. Inner Strength. Stability. Grounding. Purpose. Rootedness. Wholeness. Centering. 

A stone of vitality, confidence and creativity. Carnelian works with the sacral and solar plexus chakra to ignite motivation, passion and stimulate action towards one’s goals or desires. This high energy stone raises self-confidence, sensuality and can be used to promote love and romance between partners.
Carnelian clears away Cancer’s irrational or pessimistic thinking and gives them the boost they need to make decisions and take action. Carnelian is great to use when you want to boost physical energy – bring it with you to the gym or place in the bedroom to stimulate more passion in relationships.


Youthfulness. Rejuvenation. Divine love. Empathy. Prospertiy. Acceptance. Caring. Nourishment. Personal growth.

The traditional birthstone of Cancer and the stone for the month of June. Emerald is known as a stone of wisdom, authenticity and health. Egyptians believed it to bring them youthfulness and good health and used for protection in the afterlife. This heart and sacral chakra stone radiate love, unity, loyalty and kindness and promotes cohesive heart and body energies.
Cancers have a gentle and empathetic nature with an enormous capacity to love and care for others around them. However, their deeply sensitive and intuitive nature make them prone to mood swings. Emerald is a calming influence stabilising their short-temper whilst complementing their nurturing spirit.
How to use it:
  • Wear as a necklace or keep close to the heart chakra.
  • Take a bath with Emerald to infuse your body with loving, youthful and heart-healing energies.


Manifestation. Abundance. Luck. Success. Positivity. Prosperity. Joy. Wonder. Delight. Gratitude. Contentment. Grace.

Citrine is highly regarded as a stone of abundance, luck and success. This golden stone radiates a warm energy like the sun and invites positivity into any space. Citrine powers up the solar plexus chakra boosting confidence, raising self-esteem and encouraging inner power. Citrine is one of the best stones to assist with manifesting good fortune, luck and wealth. It activates an abundant and optimistic mindset and takes your focus away from what you are lacking instead to appreciating what you have. It radiates delight, wonder and opens your eyes to seeing the beauty and joy in life. 
Citrine is stimulates creativity and opens the mind to different perspectives, something Cancers often struggle to do. Working with Citrine can support Cancerians in being more flexible, open and thinking outside of the box. 
How to use it:
This uplifting stone has been long considered to attract good fortune and luck and commonly used to manifest money, wealth.
To manifest money and abundance:
  • Place citrine in the area of your home or office associated with money, wealth and career. This could be your study or place where you work the most.
  • Make a Money Altar by placing Citrine and any other objects you associate with money, wealth and good fortune. This could be your lucky gemstone some paper money, a special gift from a loved one, coins, a plane ticket, a postcard from a beautiful holiday. Anything that energetically links to what you want to manifest. Place an object to represent all the elements (a dish of salt for earth, a candle for fire, a feather for air, a glass of water for water). Set your intention into your special space you've created and visualise your wealth coming to you. 
  • Meditate with citrine holding at the solar plexus chakra, located below the ribcage, to raise self-esteem and confidence.

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