The Best Crystals for Capricorn Zodiac Signs | Capricorn Crystals Birthstones

The Best Crystals for Capricorn Zodiac Signs | Capricorn Crystals Birthstones
Capricorn Basic Zodiac Information:
Date Duration: December 22 to January 19
Symbol: Sea-Goat
Element: Earth
Sign Quality: Cardinal
Planetary Ruler: Saturn
Positive traits: Hard-working, organised, self-disciplined, self-reliant, practical, reliable, methodical 
Negative traits: Cynical, selfish, unforgiving, loners, pessimistic, cautious
From December 22 to January 19, the sun is in Capricorn. During this period everyone will be exposed to Capricorn’s energy regardless of their zodiac sign. Capricorn's energy is very grounding and stable. Harness the disciplined and determined nature of Capricorn to make pragmatic plans and get into a business-oriented mindset. Here are some crystals to support you during Capricorn season and help you make the most out of Capricorn's energy.

Red Garnet: For revitalising energy & heart-healing

vitality ~ passion ~ revitalising ~ sensuality ~ passion ~ commitment ~ devotion ~ integrity ~ social confidence ~ balances libido ~ past life recall ~ clearing
Chakra: Heart & Sacral
Red garnet is one of the primary birthstones for Capricorn and the traditional birthstone for January.  The burgundy-red stone is all about confidence, vitality, and passion. It is one of the best stones to nurture heartbreak, heal from past hurts and clear emotional baggage as it allows the release of any resentment, regret, guilt, or shame attached to love, sex or relationships. It removes inhibitions and taboos and opens you to new levels of confidence.  Resonating deeply with the sacral chakra (the energetic centre associated with pleasure, sensuality, and survival). It strengthens one's survival instincts, bringing courage and raising your vigilance to danger. As a sacral chakra stone, it is believed to increase low libido and balance an overactive one.  
Physically, red garnet is believed to flush out toxins from the body, improve circulation and increase metabolism.
Being an earth element stone, red garnet has a special affinity to Capricorn – its earthy energies keep Capricorn grounded while complementing their highly driven and goal-oriented nature. 
Gold Tiger Eye: The stone of leadership & courage

willpower ~ courage ~ confidence ~  stability ~ awareness ~ sharpness ~ resilience ~ practicality ~ understanding ~ leadership ~  responsibility ~ balances yin-yang

Chakra: Solar Plexus 

In ancient times Tiger eye was known as an "all-seeing and all-knowing eye" and used by the Egyptians for the eyes of their deity statues as they believed it represented Divine vision. Tiger eye supports positive change in one's life and helps you see the necessary shifts needed in order to progress. It is one of the best stones to for moving forward as it directs your energy towards your greater goals and helps you make wise decision aligned with your purpose. It calls you to take responsibility for your actions and stimulates a leadership mindset. 

Tiger eye promotes clarity, teaches responsibility, and to practice balance between extremes. As a solar plexus crystal it ignites motivation, increases confidence and raises self-esteem. This empowering stone offers grounding, brings courage and increases resilience - especially in stressful situations. Hardworking Capricorns can benefit from the energies of tiger eye as it complements their disciplined and goal-oriented nature while opening their mind to new perspectives.  


Malachite: The stone of positive transformation

transformation ~ positive change ~ clearing emotional wounds ~ emotional protection ~ heart-healing ~ releasing fear ~ accepting change ~ acceptance ~ understanding ~ taking risks ~ stepping out of comfort zones

A stone of metamorphosis, heart-healing and emotional protection, malachite is loved for its mesmerising colours and powerful transformative healing properties. It is a stone of positive change and one of the most powerful for overcoming past emotional pain. It releases emotional fears and frees space for you to give and receive love. As a protective stone deeply connected to the heart chakra, it protects you from taking on the emotional stress of others. Malachite pushes you out of your comfort zone, facilitates deep self-reflection and asks you to face your demons. It is a powerful catalyst for positive transformation as it helps you see the aspects of yourself that can be improved. Malachite encourages Capricorn to accept change when necessary and opens their mind to new experiences; it teaches acceptance and understanding to the often unforgiving and relentless Capricorn.


Rainbow Fluorite: The stone for creativity and getting shit done

focus ~ concentration ~ tapping into wisdom ~ knowledge ~ learning ~ study aid ~ emf protection ~ productivity ~ stops procrastination

Rainbow Fluorite’s energy is all about focus, organisation and productivity. This multi-coloured crystal is one of the best crystals to reach for when learning or creative pursuits. It helps organise one’s thoughts, promotes discipline and increases the absorption of information. Use it when you are learning something new, researching or studying. It also has protective properties that dispel negativity and clear electromagnetic pollution from electronic devices such as TV’s computers, mobile phones. Keep a piece of rainbow fluorite by your desk or place of work to stimulate focus and filter out distractions. Being such an ambitious sign, Capricorns tend to want it all at once. Rainbow fluorite helps the naturally determined Capricorn focus on the bigger picture and organise their steps to success. 

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