The Best Crystals for Gemini Zodiac Signs, Gemini Crystal Birthstones

The Best Crystals for Gemini Zodiac Signs, Gemini Crystal Birthstones

Gemini Zodiac Information:

Date Duration: May 21-June 21

Symbol: Twins

Element: Air

Sign Quality: Mutable

Ruler: Mercury

Positive traits: Highly intelligent. Curious. Fun-loving. Adaptable. Perceptive. Inquisitive. Imaginative. Charming. Quick-witted. Independant. 

Negative traits: Restless. Irritable. Changeable. Moody. Unpredictable. Quickly-bored. Manipulative. Inconsistent.

Geminis are highly intelligent, curious and fun-loving people who are all about ideas, learning and gaining as much knowledge about the world around them as they can. Known for their inquisitive nature they will try anything at least once. 

They are often unfairly associated with having two sides – a good and bad side – but the duality of Gemini is what makes them so interesting. While it's true that Geminis often have two sides to their personality, it's not necessarily a bad thing. One of their most impressive traits is their ability to adapt to different crowds, situations and environments which they do so with finesse and fluidity. 

While generally positive, some of Gemini’s weaknesses are they can be inconsistent, flaky and restless. When they are out of balance they can quickly become insecure and anxious. 

Even if you're not a Gemini zodiac sign anyone can work with the energies Gemini governs (communication, learning and intellect), so if you want to improve these areas here are some recommended crystals.

Blue Lace Agate

~ self-awareness ~ nurturing ~ emotional support ~ communication ~ trust  ~ self-expression ~ unity ~ peace ~ throat chakra


  • A calming and soothing stone
  • Boosts your ability to communicate and express your thoughts and feelings confidently.
  • Alleviates anger and tension
  • Helps release fear and judgement
  • Encourages you to express your thoughts without judgement.
  • Dissolves creative blocks
  • Promotes connection to the spiritual realm
  • Encourages self-acceptance

Blue Lace Agate for Gemini: Takes their excellent communication skills to the next level. For chatty Geminis who are prone to gossip, Blue Lace Agate calms and balances an overactive throat chakra and helps them be more aware of what they are saying and the potential consequences. For indecisive Geminis, Blue Lace Agate gives them clarity on their truest self, desires, and priorities, so that they can make the best choices and decisions.


The birthstone of Gemini and the month of June.

~ new beginnings ~ self-development ~ synchronicity ~ intuition ~ lunar energies ~ moon magic ~ sensuality ~ feminine divine ~ cycles ~ balances male/female energies ~ empathy ~ sensitivity ~ new possibilities ~ ebb & flow ~ crown chakra
  • A stone of new beginnings, synchronicity and positive change
  • Increases intuition and makes conscious the unconscious
  • Supports inner strength and growth
  • Restores emotional balance and promotes a sense of stability
  • Encourages empathy and removes selfishness
  • Dissolves irritability and calm the emotions
  • Opens the mind to new possibilities and encourages self-development
  • Releases frustrations and helps you surrender to the natural process and rhythms of life
  • Great for manifesting something new or positive transitions
  • Physically, moonstone is believed to support fertility and balance the female hormones

Moonstone for Geminis: Geminis are curious individuals who love to learn new things. They tend to jump into new ideas, projects or adventures quickly and have a lot going on at once. Moonstone balances Gemini’s restless energy while complementing their curious nature. It helps them organise their many activities and direct their focus where needed.


Clear quartz

~ master healer ~ energy amplifier  ~ clarity  ~ healing ~ programmable ~ manifestation ~ thought ~ intention ~ versatile ~ insight ~ wisdom ~ all chakras

  • A stone of clarity, purity and high vibration
  • Amplifies thoughts, intentions and the energies of other crystals
  • Promotes clarity and insight
  • Can be programmed for any intention making it a great tool for manifestation
  • Clears mental blocks and dissolves confusion
  • Great for meditation when searching for clarity

Clear quartz for Gemini: Since Geminis tend to have many interests and passions – and can bounce from one thing to the next with fluidity and mental agility – this is where clear quartz can help. Clear quartz supports Gemini with perception and focus. It helps the cerebral Gemini keep a clear mind whilst complementing their adaptability.  



    ~ truthful communication ~ soothing ~ letting go ~ going with the flow ~ freedom in expression ~ speaking your truth ~ tolerance ~ courage ~ releases anger ~ ocean energy ~ surrendering ~ harmony ~ throat chakra ~ heart chakra
    • A stone of courage, self-expression and organisation
    • Aquamarine was once believed to be the treasure of mermaids and was carried by sailors as a talisman to protect them in the open waters. 
    • Calms an overactive mind and clear confusions
    • Promotes courage and helps overcome fears
    • Empowers you to be authentic and speak your truth from the heart
    • Encourages open and honest communication
    • Brings your emotions and verbal expression into cohesion
    • Soothes fiery tempers and promotes patience

    Aquamarine for Geminis: While Geminis are excellent communicators, they tend to be very direct. Aquamarine helps them express themselves authentically in a gentle and loving way. Aquamarine also helps the busy Gemini relax and go with the flow. 


    Tiger Eye

    willpower ~ courage ~ integrity ~ stability ~ awareness ~ sharpness ~ inner vision ~ practicality ~ understanding ~ positive change ~ balances yin-yang~  solar plexus chakra

    • Tiger Eye is a stone of inner strength, confidence and resilience
    • Encourages one to step into their power and make positive changes in their life
    • Stimulates willpower and motivation 
    • Promotes self-discipline and teaches one to act responsibly.
    • Balances yin and yang energy
    • Helps us set healthy boundaries and teaches us to practice balance between extremes.
    • Improves concentration and encourages wise decision-making.
    Tiger Eye for Gemini: Makes a great ally for the deep-thinking Gemini, helping them stay grounded and offering stability to their duality and changeable nature.


      ~ inspiration ~ self-expression authenticity ~ truth ~ communication ~ speech ~  socialising ~  communication ~ self-esteem ~ inner peace ~  perspectives ~ intuitive awareness ~ mindfulness ~ self-acceptance ~ throat chakra

      • Releases negative thoughts that distract you - helping you break away from self-limiting beliefs or outworn conditioning.
      • Opens the mind & encourages one to think differently or out of the box
      • Enhances self-esteem and asks you to trust yourself
      • Calms emotions, panic attacks and counteracts overwhelm
      • Encourages rational thoughts, logic and objectivity
      • Calls you the be AUTHENTIC and stay true to your own beliefs
      • Stimulates the power of your voice, to be heard, to speak your truth, to express yourself confidently and clearly.
      • Builds confidence in all forms of expression (artistic expression, emotional expression, physical expression and verbal expression) 
      • A great companion when learning new things, studying or starting a new job. 

      Sodalite for Gemini: helps cerebral Gemini get out of their heads. Complements the sociable and charismatic Gemini's communication skills. Brings balance during times of stress and chaos. Supports the knowledge seeking Geminis with learning. 


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