5 Healing Crystals For Cancers To Balance Their Emotional Nature | Cancer Birth Stones

5 Healing Crystals For Cancers To Balance Their Emotional Nature | Cancer Birth Stones

Cancers, born between June 21 and July 22, are the most emotionally sensitive of all the zodiac signs. Ruled by the intuitive and ever-changing moon, Cancers feel emotions deeply yet can also seem detached at times. Their tender hearts and nurturing souls make them natural caregivers but also render them susceptible to mood swings and bouts of fear or sadness.   

Luckily, healing crystals can help balance the emotional nature of Cancers and stabilize their mood. The right stones can boost confidence, rekindle passion and transform negative thoughts. Here are 5 crystals to harness the positive Cancer energies this month:

Red Jasper: This root chakra stone brings much needed stability and grounding for flighty Cancers. Red jasper helps Cancers cultivate emotional resilience by connecting them with the steadfast energies of the Earth. Its stability allows Cancers to balance their instincts for nurturing others with the crucial self-care they often neglect. Meditate with red jasper when feeling scattered or unclear, and carry it while spending time in nature for instant clarity and stability.

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Rose Quartz: The stone of unconditional love, rose quartz nurtures Cancer’s tender heart and forgiving spirit. As a magnifier of the heart chakra, it teaches Cancers patience and acceptance, challenging traits for their sensitive souls. Holding or wearing rose quartz helps release hurt feelings and embrace self-love, the foundation for all other love. Place a piece on your heart center and visualize pink light filling your being to instantly alleviate low moods.

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Carnelian: This fiery sacral chakra stone lights Cancers' passion and desire from within. Carnelian builds the motivation, courage and creativity that shy Cancers often lack. Its stimulating energies clear away negative thoughts that weigh Cancers down, empowering them to make decisions and take action. Keep carnelian nearby while working out or in the bedroom to enhance passion and intimacy. Wearing or carrying carnelian also provides an instant mood boost!  

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Emerald : The birthstone of Cancers, emerald balances their moody nature with wisdom, authenticity and unconditional kindness. As a heart chakra crystal, emerald soothes Cancerian tempers while complementing their nurturing spirit. Its regenerative energy imbues them with health and youthfulness, harmonizing body and emotions. Take an emerald bath to absorb its deeply soothing and heart-healing energies.

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Citrine: This solar plexus stone awakens abundance consciousness in materialistic Cancers. Citrine lifts Cancers' mood which in turn grows their confidence. It opens Cancerian minds to fresh perspectives, countering their tendency for enclosure. Place or carry citrine in money-related areas to manifest wealth that aligns with your soul's desires. Meditate with a piece over your solar plexus to raise self-esteem and inner power.

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Sunstone: a variety of feldspar that draws its name from the Sun. Its golden hues and luminous sparkles resemble the life-giving light and warmth of the Sun. Sunstones align one with the Solar energies of optimism, clarity and creativity enhanced during the summer solstice which occurs at the very start of Cancer season. The combination of Cancer season and the summer solstice creates a potent energy that awakens liveliness, celerbation and positivity. Sunstone helps anchor this energy, balancing the Moon's emotional waters with the Sun's enlightenment. It brings light to the sensitive Cancer soul, illuminating new paths forward to walk during the coming season of growth.

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