Emerald-in-Matrix Tumbles (Rare)

  • HKD$ 40

Wisdom. Growth. Concentration. Creativity. Prosperity. Heartspace. Patience. Intellect. Memory. Rejuvenation.

EMERALD IN ANCIENT TIMES - Cleopatra was known to indulge herself in Emeralds. She adorned herself with Emeralds and gifted them to visitors to show of her prestige.

In ancient India Hindus offered Emeralds to Krishna in hopes of receiving blessings and a way to heaven.

HEARTSPACE - activating energies of love, healing, unity, loyalty and compassion. Use this stone to help form and strengthen friendships. It encourages heart and body cohesion and bringing balance to the emotional and physical body

YOUTHFULNESS & GOOD HEALTH - Egyptians believed emerald would bring them youthfulness.

CONCENTRATION & STUDY - known to stimulate the intellect and enhance memory making it a great stone to use during study, preparing for exams or when learning new things.

How to use it:

  • Place Emerald in the finance area of your home or office to manifest money
  • Meditate with Emerald for money manifestation
  • Meditate with Emerald in your hand or holding at the heart chakra to bring love to your life or for emotional healing.

Approx size 2-3 cm

Chosen intuitively. Pictures are for reference only. Size, shape and natural colouring may vary between each stone.