Milk & Honey" Two-Tone Honey Calcite Tower #1

  • HKD$ 350

⋆ Responsibility ⋆ Leadership ⋆ Confidence ⋆ Persistence ⋆ Intellectual Power ⋆ Overcoming Obstacles ⋆ Self-Worth ⋆ Identity ⋆ Purpose

Honey Calcite calls us to recognise our inner power and use it in the right way. It encourages responsibility, leadership, confidence and courage. This stone works with the solar plexus chakra to increase feelings of self-worth, purpose and identity. A great companion to strengthen trust in yourself and work through emotional trauma especially abusive relationships and situations. It stimulates the Solar plexus Chakra, which is associated with ones personal power, will, ego and self identity.

Associated Chakras: 

  • Solar Plexus

How to use it: 

  • Meditate with honey calcite holding closely to your Solar Plexus chakra (located in between the naval and heart, just under the lower rib-cage)

Approx size: 12.5 x 4. 5 cm

Country of Origin: Pakistan