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Prehnite Tumbles

  • HKD$ 15

~ uplifting ~ enlightenment ~ spiritual connection ~ a crystal for the healer ~ letting go ~ trust ~ inner knowing ~ unconditional love ~ precognition ~ deep meditation ~ releases negativity ~

A stone for the healer. Prehnite is an uplifitng stone which radiates the energies of unconditional love - important for healers or those who dedicate themselves to being of service to others. It is also a stone that helps facilitates spiritual connection, amplifying intuition and enhancing psychic gifts.

This stone helps one tap into their inner knowing opening the mind to possibilities and enlightenment. It is a good stone to help deepen meditation. It also helps one see the good in things.

It is said to improve precognition and prophetic dream and  improve connection to the spiritual realms

Associated Chakra:

  • Heart
  • Solar Plexus

Approx size: 1 cm (perfect for crystal grids or as a pocket stone

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