Angel Aura Quartz Heart

  • HKD$ 600
⋆ Intention  Manifestation ⋆ Aura Cleansing ⋆ Peace ⋆ Serenity ⋆ Higher Consciousness ⋆ Angelic Realms ⋆ Divine Communication

Angel Aura Quartz is Clear Quartz that has been given a special coating of platinum gold and silver to create an iridescent glow and enhance its natural shine.

Angel Aura Quartz cleanses the auric and energetic field bringing inner calm and serenity. It contains all the healing properties of clear quartz and metaphysically is believed to raise  connectedness to angelic realms. Angel Aura is a great tool or meditation and connecting to the Divine, Universe, Spirit. 
This crystal has been enhanced with an Aura coating. An Aura coating is a thin layer of silver, gold, platinum or titanium particles bonded to the crystal to give it an iridescent metallic sheen and enhance the crystals natural beauty. The crystal underneath is natural Clear/White Quartz

Associated Chakras
  • All (especially the Crown)

Approx size: 10 x 9 cm

Country of Origin: Madagascar