Moonstone: The Stone of Feminine Divine

Moonstone: The Stone of Feminine Divine

⋆ New Beginnings ⋆ Self-Development ⋆ Intuition ⋆ Cycles ⋆ Empathy ⋆ Sensitivity ⋆ Nourishing ⋆ Sensual ⋆ Balances Male/Female Energies ⋆ Clairvoyance ⋆ Lunar Energies ⋆ Synchronicity

Moonstone is a magical stone that is connected to all the beautiful energies of feminine divine and the moon. It is said to harvest the energies moon and teaches us to flow with the natural ebb and flow of life, tune into our own rhythms, just as the moon flows through its own lunar cycle.

The serene and tranquil energy of moonstone soothes away irritability, stress and balances emotions. Said to enhances ones intuition, promote emotional strength, inner growth and sparks inspiration. This magical stone radiates love, compassion and harmony. It calls us to open our heart and live with more empathy and be accepting of others. 

It is also known to bring abundance to ones life.

Moonstone for New beginnings:

A great stone to use when wanting to manifest new beginnings or positive transition. Work with moonstone during the New Moon phase to harness the energy of potential, newness and transition.

Moonstone and the emotions:
Said to balance emotions, bring heightened intuition and promote introspection and self-discovery. Moonstones energy is receptive, intuitive and connected to our subconscious - making it a great stone to use when you want to connect to yourself, yout thoughts and emotions.


Moonstone and the chakras:

Resonating with the Crown chakra moonstone increases ones connection to the Feminine Divine and is known to encourage serendipitous events and synchronicity in ones life. It also stimulates the Sacral chakra which is associated with our feelings, emotions, sensuality, pleasure, joy and energy flow.

Moonstone is said to help men get in tune with feminine aspects of themselves especially their emotions. For women it is said to help sync up the rhythm and cycles of a woman's body with the moons strengthening lunar energy. 

Facts about Moonstone

  • The ancient Greeks called the gem Aphroselene in honor of the goddesses Aphrodite and Selene.
  • Moonstone is the gemstone associated with the 3rd wedding anniversary of married couples.
  • In ancient cultures many believed moonstone was created by moonbeams from the moon
  • Known as the the traveler's stone as it was believed to be a talisman for protection, health and good fortune.

Associated chakras: Crown, Third eye, Sacral

      Planet: Moon
      Zodiac: Rabbit, Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio
      Elements: Water, Metal, Earth


      How to cleanse it:

      • Sunlight ☼
      • Moonlight ☽ (Especially during a full moon or new moon when the lunar energy is most potent)
      • Sacred smoke

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