How to Raise the vibration in your space using selenite

How to Raise the vibration in your space using selenite


When the energy in your space feels heavy or stagnant a good way to shift that energy is with energy itself. Just as our own individual energy can be lifted and improved so can the energy of your home. 

Selenite is one of the best crystals to do just that. Its often considered an energy purifier as it has the ability to cleanse its surroundings from negative frequencies. It works to keep a balanced and positive vibration of pure white light around it. 

Known as a stone of purification and light and Selenite invites positive energy into your space and chases out any dark forces or unwanted vibes. With so many of us spending more time at home it's beneficial to create and environment that supports our well-being, is comfortable and warming. Selenite is one of the best crystals to do just that. 

Here's how you can fill your space with all the beautiful vibrations of Selenite. 


1. Place Selenite by your front door: 

 Selenite is one of the best crystals for energetic protection. It has the ability not only to cleanse any unwanted energies but also form a protective shield in its surroundings. Selenite surrounds its space with a bubble of white light and encourages a circuit flow of positive vibrations in its space. Placing a piece of Selenite by your door not only shields your home from negativity entering but its high vibrations energetically wash away any heavy energies from you or anyone who enters your home who may be carrying an "off" vibe.

2. Cleanse your Aura & Energetic Field

If you've had a stressful day at work and you're in a bad mood on your way home, the last thing you want to do is carry all of that heavy energy into your sacred space and place of sanctuary. When you enter your home leave those bad vibes at the door by using Selenite to cleanse and clear your aura (energetic field). This action will energetically clean you from any negative thoughts, emotions from your auric field.

Take a Selenite wand and move it from above your head slowly down to your feet and back up. Move over the arms and feet and around the back as far as you can reach. As you do this visualise a white light from your wand clearing away any negativity from your energetic field as it revitalises your energy centers. Let any negative thoughts and emotions from the day just dissolve. Once you've done a sweep from head to toe flick the wand to shake off whatever it's picked up.

3. Create a protection grid in your home

You'll need four pieces of Selenite (this can be Selenite of any form such as palms, spheres, wands or towers) although we recommend towers as the best form as it channels white light from above via its tip down the crystal and into your space. Place a piece of selenite in the four corners of your home to start a grid of protection. As you do this set the intention for protection, light, good vibes and positivity in your space. You can say an affirmation such as


"With this Selenite I form a protection grid in this space. All unwanted and negative energy not aligned with my highest good leaves now. Only positivity, light and good is welcome in this space. I am shielded, safe and protected. Thank you." 


4. Use it to support sleep & relaxation

Selenite is a crystal of peace, calm, relaxation and is known as a crystal very connected to higher realms and other dimensions.  This makes Selenite a great addition to your nightstand (especially if you want to facilitate lucid dreaming and spiritual journeying or astral travel as you sleep) 

Note Selenite in the bedroom may work for some and not others. Selenite is a versatile crystal which has the ability to uplift the energy as well as promote calm and stillness. Some people find Selenite's deep cleansing vibrations too powerful for the bedroom whilst others find it helps them clear mind chatter before going to sleep. See what works for you. 


5. Charge up your crystals 

Selenite can be used to charge your crystals back to their original energetic state. Simply place your crystals on a piece of selenite for a few hours.

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