4 Ways to use Apophyllite: Healing & Metaphysical Properties

4 Ways to use Apophyllite: Healing & Metaphysical Properties
1. When you want to feel ZEN

Apophyllite is an extremely calming crystal that projects zen frequencies out into its surroundings. It's a crystal of divine light that invites gentle healing, positive vibrations and tranquil energies into your space. This stone is all about enlightenment, insight, intuition, wisdom, healing. Apophyllite calls us to release the baggage that does not serve us and needs to be released. This stone clears negative energy removing blockages from all of the chakras and is known as one of the most effective stones to ease stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. Place Apophyllite in a central are of your home to feel its calming benefits in your space - it will project energetic light into your space all day everyday.

2. To amplify healing, light work, akashic records

This is a great stone for light workers or energy healers as it raises the vibrations and amplifies healing frequencies. Use it in your meditation or yoga practice to help you go deeper and connect with your intuition, flow and higher plains. Apophyllite is widely used by healers especially akashic record facilitators.  I like to place a large piece of Apophyllite under my crystal therapy bed for my clients as it brings a whole new depth to the healing.

3. To raise spirituality and gain higher perspectives

Apophyllite being a high vibration stone is linked to astral travel, clairvoyance, raising consciousness and connecting with angels or spirit guides. It's energies help one tap into their intuition and open the channels to higher realms to receive wisdom. Meditate with Apophyllite when you want to deepen your spiritual practice, strengthen your connection to the universe, gain spiritual insight and wisdom from above. This stone acts like a channeller of divine light and energy to connect you to the wisdom of the universe.  It encourages enlightenment asking us to detach from the ego so that we can broaden our own perspectives.

4. To relieve stress and sharpen memory.

As an uplifting and high vibration stone Apophyllite has the ability to clear blockages from your space and your energetic field. This stone will raise consciousness, sharpen memory by unclogging the mind clutter and energetic baggage around you. This is a great stone to have by your desk in the office or place of study as it not only invites uplifting energies but clears the energetic traffic or stagnant energy that clogs your air space, allowing for more clean energy around you.

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