White Scolecite Tumbles | inner peace & awakening

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~ high vibration ~ inner peace ~ transformation ~ spirit communication ~ bonding relationships ~ calming ~ third eye ~ crown chakra ~heart awakening ~ inter-dimensional connection ~ self-reflection ~ awakening ~ pyroelectric ~ piezoelectric

White Scolective is a truly high vibration stone. It promotes inner peace and helps one identify what they desire in life. This stone is all about connection - facilitating connection with spirits, guides, higher realms and other dimensions whilst also strengthening the connection we have in our lives, with partners and friendships.

As a high vibration stone it is used widely to communicate with the spiritual world and access information from ancient civilizations. It helps one connect to their higher self to gain a better perspective of one's soul journey and purpose through this lifetime - making it a greats tone for introspection and ascension.

Scolecite vibrates with the energies of love, companionship and inter-connectedness - reminding us that we are all connected to source and each other. It is know as a stone to help one or companions find solutions and "work things out" encouraging clear communication and helping both toe see wider perspectives

Its prismatic striated lines of white metaphysically can represent the light of our being.

Scolecite is a type of Zeolite (water containing silicate mineral).

Associated Chakras:

  • Third Eye
  • Crown

Zodiac: Capricorn

Approx size: 2 cm

Country of Origin: India

Note: Pictures are for reference only. Crystals may vary slightly in size, shape and natural colouring. Chosen intuitively. They say the crystal chooses You. Trust the universe to send the right crystal your way.