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Satin Spar Selenite Eggs | high vibration & purifying

  • HKD$ 70

 ⋆ Cleansing ⋆ Purifying ⋆ Connection ⋆ Dispels Negativity ⋆ Shielding ⋆ Angelic Realm ⋆ Consciousness ⋆ High Vibration ⋆ Guidance ⋆ Enlightenment

Selenite is the ultimate purifier, energy cleanser & high vibrational stone that's a must have for every crystal lover. It has the ability to quickly purify a space, surroundings and clear away stagnant and negative energy replacing with good vibes. Its purifying frequencies cleanse & charge other crystals (simply place your crystals next to it to will detox them & bring back its original spark!)

Selenites brings clarity, higher guidance & intuitive insight. Known as a tool of enlightenment & for connecting with angelic realms.

  • Cleanses, charges & magnifies other crystals
  • Quickly clears away stagnant or negative energy
  • Brings mental clarity & helps one see the deeper picture
  • Expands self awareness & intuition
  • Calming stone that instills deep peace
  • Excellent for meditation or spiritual work
  • Programmable for intentions & manifestation

NOTE: DO NOT let this crystal come into contact with water!! 🙅‍♀️💧

Associated Chakras:

  • Crown

Country of Origin: Morocco

Size: 5-6 cm

NOTE: Do not let this crystal come into contact with water! This crystal is FRAGILE. As a result please be aware that scratches, chips and flaking are common. No Selenite will ever be 100% smooth. Please be mindful of this when purchasing!

Minor defect pieces have slightly more noticeable scratches or tiny chips hence the reduced price. 

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