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Rose Quartz Chips | love & harmony

  • HKD$ 20

Heart Healing ⋆ Love ⋆ Self-Love ⋆ Confidence ⋆ Nurturing ⋆ Compassion ⋆ Romance ⋆ Emotional Understanding 

A stone of unconditional love and magnifier of the heart Rose Quartz is one of the most effective stones for enhancing love, romance and promoting self-love. Its heart healing vibrations calms emotions and opening the heart to giving and receiving love. Rose Quarts soothes anger and clears out jealousy or resentment. This is a stone all about heart based healing and heart center energies. 

  • Raises self-esteem & increases confidence especially in relationships
  • Opens the heart to giving & receiving love
  • Dissolves past emotional wounds or resentment
  • Promotes compassion, kindenss & tenderness towards others and oneself
  • Amplifies creativity & imagination

 Associated Chakras: 

  • Heart

Approx size: 0.5-1 cm chips

Note: Pictures are for reference only. Actual stones may differ slightly in size, shape and natural colouring. Chosen intuitively and cleanse with positive intentions.

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