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Root Chakra Healing Crystal Grid Set | black tourmaline, smoky quartz, moss agate, red jasper, citrine

  • HKD$ 190

This Root chakra crystal healing grid set is curated with a combination of stones to support grounding, stability, security and release blockages held at the root chakra.

The root chakra - Mūlādhāra in sanskrit is the most instinctual of all chakras – it is our survival center. This is the energy of survival - fight or flight, freeze or respond. When our root chakra is blocked we may experience symptoms of feeling disconnected from this earth and ourselves, fearful, resentful and insecure. Healing and  activating energies at the root chakra help us feel more grounded, rooted with a deeper sense of stability.

Create your own crystal grid using the power of healing crystals, sacred geometry and a focused intention. 

Black Tourmaline: release ~ stability ~ dispels negativity ~ detoxification ~ protection ~ earth energy ~ balance ~ grounding ~ clears the aura

Associated chakra: root

Smoky Quartz EMF protection ~ clears confusion ~ transmutes negative energy ~ builds resilience ~ encourages transformation

Associated chakra: root

Moss Agate growth ~ new beginnings ~ blooming ~ expansion ~ connects you to nature ~ promotes positivity ~ encourages delight & wonder ~ emotions balancer

Associated heart & root

Red Jasper: life force energy ~ vitality ~ endurance ~ strength ~ confidence ~ motivation ~ sensuality ~ desires

Associated chakra: sacral & root

Citrine: joy ~ positivity ~ amplifies and directs energy ~ happiness ~ delight ~ wonder

Invites positivity to any space. As charger points they can be used to amplify and direct energy in the grid.

Associated chakra: solar plexus

Flower of Life Geometry:  full circle ~ unity ~ creation ~ life

Using Sacred Geometry in Crystal Grids:

This symbol of the Flower of Life belongs to Sacred Geometry which believes
that all life is part of a divine, geometric plan. Using the Flower of Life symbol in crystal grids is very useful as it connects to the energy behind creation, universe, source and all things. It is believed that combining the energy of crystals with sacred geometry enhances both the crystals energy and the intentions. The energy and intentions are directed in an energy flow (through the flower of life pattern) and channeled up to the universe.

This Root chakra healing crystal grid set includes

  • 6 x smoky quartz tumbles
  • 6 x black tourmaline minis
  • 6 x red jasper tumbles
  • 6 x moss agate tumbles
  • 6 x citrine charger points
  • 1 x flower of life sacred geometry cotton cloth (25*25 cm)
  • 1 x cotton canvas bag

Approx size of tumbles: 1 cm

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