Red Jasper Raw | grounding & endurance

  • HKD$ 25

⋆ Strength ⋆ Endurance ⋆ Stamina ⋆ Determination ⋆ Courage ⋆ Positive Attitude ⋆ Wholeness ⋆  Grounding

Red jasper is full of vitality and strength bringing a surge of life force energy. Empowers you with personal independence and courage to speak out with honesty especially when confrontation is needed or in conflicts. Its a great stone when you need an energy boost whether at work or in the bedroom ;)

  • Reconnects you to Earth's grounding energies 
  • Known to stimulate chi and Kundalini energies
  • Boosts strength and stamina 
  • Helps transform ideas into action
  • Encourages honest in oneself 

Associated Chakras:

  • Base
  • Sacral

Approx. size: 3.5-4.5cm

Price listed is for one (1) stone. Chosen intuitively. Crystals are naturally formed in mother earth - pieces may vary slightly in size, shape or natural colouring.