Positive Vibes Bundle | Amethyst, Tourmaline, Selenite, Sage & Incense

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Our Positive Vibes bundle has everything you need to keep your space high vibe and full of positive energy. Amethyst, Black Tourmaline and Selenite are known as some of the most powerful protective and cleansing crystals in the crystal world. Together they will keep your space, other crystals and your own energetic field full of POSITIVE VIBES. 

Just like we cleanse ourselves, our spaces and aura need to be cleansed every so often to remove any stagnant or negative energy that has accumulated. Removing unwanted energy using sage smudging will allow the flow of new brighter energy to come in.

Keep your space sacred and the vibes pure. 

This Positive Vibes bundle includes:

1 x Sage & Purple Sinuata Flower Bundle

Purifying. Detoxing. Cleansing. Clears negativity. Stress relief. Mood booster. Raises vibration.

Cleanses and purifies the air from unwanted energy. Raise positive vibrations and boosts the mood. Clears away negativity, anxious thoughts or feelings. Known to relax muscles and ease stress or tension. The smell of sage smoke is said to strengthen ones intuition, memory, focus and lift the mood. Hand tied with organic hemp wick for a natural and non-toxic burn. Our Californian White Sage is sustainably sourced.

Approx. size: 7 cm.

Country of Origin: California, USA

1 x Selenite Tower Lamp

High vibration. Protection. Purifying. Cleansing. Shielding. Purity. Invites pure white light. Refreshes your space.

Amplifies the energy of other crystals. Dispels negative energy and blockages in the emotional body. Creates a shield of white protective light around you and in your space. 

Approx size:

Country of Origin: Morocco

1 x Raw Black Tourmaline Chunk

⋆ Psychic Protection ⋆ Grounding ⋆ Balance ⋆ Shielding ⋆ Detoxification ⋆ Wards off Negative Energy ⋆ Cleansing ⋆ Purifying ⋆ Clearing ⋆ Support ⋆ Moving forward

The no drama stone. Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful and effective stones for personal energetic protection as it dispels negativity externally and internally. Internally dissolves anxious thoughts, worries and fears that hold you back. Protects you from psychic attack (black magic, gossip, jealousy, ill wishes or hatred being directed towards you). It sends it back to its origin and quickly forms and protection shield around you. Black Tourmaline energetically clears your path - pushing obstacles and distractions out of your way so you can move forward. It counteracts stubbornness - promoting more willingness to change your ways for the better. This stone will also push YOU if you're not moving or progressing enough. To work with this stone have to be ready to change or it won't connect with you or benefit you.

Country of Origin: Madagascar

1 x Positive Incense Sticks (15 gram pack)
Hand rolled in India using ancient traditions passed down from generations to generations. Satya Nag Champa is known as the finest incense maker in the world. Their best-selling incense is made with fine quality oils and herbs.
The first steps of a toddler.
Description/Key Notes:
Sweet ~ Uplifting ~ Neutralizing
The Positive Vibes incense blend aids in a positive outlook through the day. This blend can also be used for house clearing.