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Pink Scolecite Palms | higher self & evolution

  • HKD$ 130

⋆ Higher Self ⋆ Evolution ⋆ Inner Wisdom ⋆ Spiritual Guidance ⋆ Ascension Inter-dimensional connection ⋆ Inner peace ⋆ Awakening

Pink Scolecite is a new discovery from the scolectite family. Known to help one access ancient knowledge from ancient and future civilizations, making it a great stone for building inter dimensional connection and ascension. Scolecite helps one connect to their higher self and consciousness to gain a better perspective on one’s soul journey in this lifetime and beyond. 

Enhances heart energies, encourages expression of love. It brings people together and promotes harmony.

Scolecite promotes inner transformation and helping one understand their own desires in life - a great stone for inner work and seeking own truths.

Associated chakras:

  • Heart

How to use it:

  • Meditate with pink scolecite especially when you want to feel more connected to source/universe.
  • Work with scolecite especially when you are seeking spiritual guidance or messages from higher realms

Country of Origin: India

Approx size: 5 cm

Note: Price listed is for one (1) stone. Chosen intuitively. Pictures are for reference only. Each stone will vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring.


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