Pink Mangano Calcite Pineapple Dish | self-acceptance & compassion

  • HKD$ 650

Self-Worth ⋆ Self-Acceptance ⋆ Heart Connection ⋆ Wholeness ⋆ Universal Love ⋆ Tranquility ⋆ Peace  ⋆ Disperses fear ⋆ Encourages Compassion 

Mangano Calcite, also known as Pink Calcite radiates a calming sweet and loving energy that is all about compassion, universal love and forgiveness.

  • It opens both the heart and crown chakra and facilitates energy flow between the mind and heart so that you feel in tune with your emotions and thoughts.
  • Promotes loving, nurturing energies and enhances feminine energies.
  • Boosts self-worth and self-esteem and promotes self-acceptance and compassion towards others and most importantly, ourselves.
  • Helps you acknowledge and release bad habits especially to do with emotions/relationships
  • Assist you to let go of fears you may be holding on to and calls you to move forward from past emotional traumas or pain.
  • Brings heart centered awareness and feelings of wholeness
  • Amplifies the energy of other stones especially heart chakra activating stones
  • Known to promote peaceful sleep and ease nightmares

How to use it:

  • A beautiful piece for home decor
  • Use it to hold/display crystals or jewellery

How to cleanse it:

  • Sunlight ☼
  • Moonlight ☽
  • Sacred smoke (such as palo santo sage)

Size: 17 cm length x 8 cm width

Country of Origin: Pakistan