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Periwinkle Ocean Jasper Tower | joy & moving forward

  • HKD$ 780

⋆ Positivity ⋆ Joy ⋆ Awareness ⋆ Elevates the spirits ⋆ Relieves stress ⋆ Living in the Present ⋆ Surfacing emotions ⋆ Resolve ⋆ Moving forward

LIVING IN THE PRESENT: Reminding us to live in the "now" and see the joy in life. It brings us a positive outlook and optimism.

POSITIVITY: Known to balance the emotions, instill inner calm and peace of mind. Its uplifting energy brings positive vibrations and helps one

LETTING GO: This stones calls us to identify negative aspects of oneself that should be acknowledged and improved so that we can grow. This stone encourages deep introspection and raises awareness. It asks us to let go of negativity within ourselves - any fears or strains from the burdens we carry so that we can move forward freely.

NURTURING: Its soothing and nourishing energy helps release stress and anxiety. It is a good stone to work with when you need some positivity

This perwinkle ocean jasper with soft purple, pink and grey tones, soothing waves, banding and druzy is a harder to find colouring of ocean jasper.

Associated Chakras:

  •     Solar Plexus
  •     Heart
  •     Throat

Zodiac: Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces

How to use it:

  • Spend some time to connect with this stone - this stones healing effects increase with time.

Approx. size: 17 x 5 cm

Country of Origin: Madagascar 

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