Moss Agate Minis | compatibility & restoration

  • HKD$ 10

~ prosperity ~ abundance ~ compatibility in relationships ~ restoration ~ confidence ~ creativity ~ earth connection ~ developing new friendships ~ strength ~ joy ~ appreciation in life ~ seeing joy ~ self-esteem

  • eliminates negativity from your aura and energetic field
  • improves concentration and one's perception especially with analytical abilities
  • calms tension and anger
  • heart chakra activating crystal bringing emotional balance & loving vibrations
  • allows one to see the beauty & joy in all things
  • known to support recovery from illness and infections
  • believed to have energetic anti-inflammatory properties

Associated Chakras: 

  • Heart

Approx size: 1 cm (perfect for crystal grids!)

Country of Origin: India

Price listed is for one (1) moss agate tumble. Chosen intuitively* Pictures are for reference only. Sizes are approximate. Each stone will vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring.

Chosen intuitively* They say the crystal chooses you. Trust the universe to send the right crystal your way.