Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas

  • HKD$ 170

Adorable Jack Skellington skull carvings from Tim Burton's "A Nightmare Before Christmas"

These cuties are intricately hand carved with lots of details bringing to life the character in a crystal carving. The bottom is flat so they can stand up. Perfect for your friend who loves Halloween or for your own collection. Limited quantities available!!

Approx size. 3 cm diameter

Howlite Healing Properties:

Sleep ⋆ Calm ⋆ Determination ⋆  Boosts Ambition ⋆  Promotes Learning ⋆  Strengthens Memory ⋆  Patience ⋆  Spiritual Connection ⋆  Releases Anger ⋆  Stimulates wisdom & insight


Black Obsidian Healing Properties:

Protection ⋆  Cutting Cords/Ties ⋆  Lighting Darkness ⋆  Shielding ⋆ Security ⋆ Sharpness ⋆ Alertness  ⋆  Realisations ⋆   Precision  ⋆  Inner Power ⋆  Grounding ⋆ Growth ⋆  Root Chakra