Heart Chakra Healing Crystal Grid Set | pink opal, rose quartz, red garnet, amazonite, citrine

  • HKD$ 190

A heart chakra crystal healing grid set to activate energies of love and release blockages from the heart space. Create your own layout using the power of healing crystals and sacred geometry to call in all vibrations of love. This kit has been curated to work with the heart chakra. 

Pink Opal: increases self worth ~ encourages loyalty ~ brings emotional calm ~ supports faithfulness ~ enhances spontaneity ~ promotes originality & creativity

Raises self-worth and reassures you that you are truly deserving of love.  Great for healing past hurts, breakups or emotional pain.

Associated chakra: heart & root

Rose Quartz:  love ~ compassion ~ forgiveness ~ empathy ~ acceptance ~ self-love ~ kindness ~ nurturing

Opens the heart to giving and receiving all kinds of love. Asks one to be kinder to themselves and practice more self-love. Encourages one to be kinder to others and themselves. 

Associated chakra: heart

Red Garnet: sensuality ~ confidence ~ emotional freedom ~ removes inhibitions ~ raises sexual confidence ~ restores vitality ~ commitment ~ devotion

Helps one access their innermost desires. Releases shyness and timidness - especially when it comes to love and relationships. Promotes commitment and devotion in relationships. Boosts emotional confidence.

Associated chakra: heart & sacral

Amazonite: releases emotional fears ~ courage ~ tolerance ~ inner truth ~ authenticity ~ speaking from the heart ~ communication ~ inspires love language 

Helps one speak from the heart confident and clearly. Helps release emotional fears or anxieties. Breaks down defenses put up from past hurts

Associated chakra: throat & heart

Citrine: joy ~ positivity ~ amplifies and directs energy ~ happiness ~ delight ~ wonder

Invites positivity to any space. As charger points they can be used to amplify and direct energy in the grid.

Associated chakra: solar plexus

Flower of Life Geometry:  full circle ~ unity ~ creation ~ life

Using Sacred Geometry in Crystal Grids:

This symbol of the Flower of Life belongs to Sacred Geometry which believes
that all life is part of a divine, geometric plan. Using the Flower of Life symbol in crystal grids is very useful as it connects to the energy behind creation, universe, source and all things. It is believed that combining the energy of crystals with sacred geometry enhances both the crystals energy and the intentions. The energy and intentions are directed in an energy flow (through the flower of life pattern) and channeled up to the universe.

This Heart chakra healing crystal grid set includes

  • 6 x rose quartz tumbles
  • 6 x red garnet tumbles
  • 6 x amazonite tumbles
  • 6 x pink opal tumbles
  • 6 x citrine charger points
  • 1 x flower of life sacred geometry cotton cloth (25*25 cm)

Approx size of tumbles: 1 cm