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Blue Sandstone Cubes | wisdom & victory

  • HKD$ 20

⋆ Victory ⋆ Heightens wisdom ⋆ Courage ⋆ Motivation ⋆ Drive ⋆ Confidence Willpower ⋆ Stability ⋆ Divine

Blue Sandstone (also known as Blue Goldstone) is a man-made stone made up of natural minerals (quartz sand, copper, gypsum and feldspar) Although this stone is man-made, it is infused with naturally occurring minerals found in nature which are known to have positive benefits.

Its energy is all about bringing forth ones courage and wisdom to adopt a victory mindset. It reinforces ones motivation and drive to succeed and face challenges in order to reach their goals. Its iridescent shimmer like stars in the night sky remind us never to dull our shine.

Experts believe the history of blue sandstone dates back to the 17th century Italy and was created by a family of artisanal glass makers in Venice.

How to use it:

  • Carry with you when you feel ungrounded or need a boost of motivation

How to cleanse it:

  • Sunlight ☼
  • Moonlight ☽
  • Salt water
  • Earth (bury in the soil)
  • Sacred smoke (such as palo santo, incense or sage)

Approx. size: 2 cm

Country of Origin: Madagascar

Note: Price listed is for one (1) tumble stone. Chosen intuitively. Pictures are for reference only. Each stone will vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring.

*Chosen intuitively: They say the crystal chooses you. Trust in the universe to bring the right crystal to you.

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