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Clear Calcite Spheres (with rainbows)

  • HKD$ 90

⋆ Amplifies Energy ⋆ Energy Cleanser ⋆ Balances All Chakras ⋆ Promotes a healthy Mind ⋆ Insight ⋆ Strength ⋆ Manifestation ⋆ Knowing ⋆ Growth ⋆ Dispels Fear

Clear Caclite amplifies energy and facilitates manifestation. Removes energetic blocks and cleanses the all the chakras. Promotes clarity, insight and helps one understand their true path and purpose. A great stone for spiritual development and enhancing ones intuition.

Clear Calcite assists the release of fear and self-limiting beliefs replacing with a strengthening energy that calls us to move forward with truth and knowing. Known to help you identify their own inner strength and facilitate personal and financial growth. It is a good stone to work with when you need to clear the mind and make good choices and decisions.

How to use it:

  • Carry with you or meditate with Clear Calcite when you need some clarity or focus.
  • Move it from head to tow through your auric field when you want to clear away any negativity stuck to you

Associated Chakras: 

  • Crown

Approx. size: 4 cm diameter

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