Blue Apatite | willpower & healthy choices

  • HKD$ 25

⋆ Willpower ⋆ Healthy Choices ⋆ Detox ⋆ Communication ⋆ Speaking your Truth ⋆ Motivation ⋆ Intellect ⋆ Personal Power ⋆ Higher Good ⋆ Purpose ⋆ Achieving Goals ⋆ Psychic Awareness 

Apatite is an inspirational stone that increases motivation, willpower and determination especially when it comes to making healthier choices. This stone encourages you to get rid of any un-serving patterns or bad habits and asks you to practice more self-kindness. Believed to assist weight loss by instilling better willpower and encouraging you to be kinder to your body (eating healthily, stopping bad habits)

It reduces irritability and emotional exhaustion. Stimulates creativity and intellect. Promotes a humanitarian attitude, social responsibility and working towards higher good to make the world a better place. 

As a throat chakra activating stone Blue Apatite can help you communicate clearly and say what you need to say. If you don't feel confident speaking or find that people often misinterpret what you are saying this is a good stone to develop your communication skills.

Blue Apatite is a good stone for use in spiritual practice as it develops clairvoyance and psychic gifts.  

Associated Chakras: 

  • Third Eye
  • Throat

How to use it:

  • Rest the stone on your throat to help open the throat chakra
  • Carry it with you when you want to speak your truth
  • Keep a piece in the kitchen near the fridge to encourage willpower and healthier eating habits

How to cleanse it:

  • Sunlight
  • Moonlight
  • Sacred smoke (such as palo santo or sage)
  • Water (do not soak for a long time)


  • ♊︎ Gemini 
  • ♎︎ Libra

Planet: Neptune

Price listed is for one (1) raw stone. Pictures are for reference only. Each stone will vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring. Please note these blue apatite stones are in their raw and unpolished form, as a result, surfaces may be rough and slightly powdery.