Good Vibes Only - Guard Your Energy Crystal Kit | black tourmaline, smoky quartz, selenite, tourmalinated quartz, black obsidian

  • HKD$ 180

Your energy is sacred. Guard it. Our Good Vibes Only - Guard Crystal Kit contains five handpicked crystals to shield you from bad vibes, clear negative obstacles or distractions so you can stay grounded balanced and full of positive energy. 

These stones dispel external negative forces (such as gossip, jealousy, drama and negativity from others) and internally clear negativity from within (your own fears, self-limiting beliefs, bad habits or self-destructive patterns) Their cleansing properties help you let go of negative attachments or emotions that do not serve you... so you can you can keep inner balance and good vibes only.

Black Tourmaline - The no drama stone. Black Tourmaline dispels negative energy from psychic attack (gossip, jealousy, ill wishes or negativity directed towards you) directing it back to the sender. This stone energetically clears your path - pushing obstacles and distractions out of your way so you can move forward. This stone will also push YOU if you're not moving or progressing enough. It counteracts stubbornness - promoting more willingness to change old habits or patterns for the better. To work with this stone you have to be ready to change or it won't connect with you, neither will you feel the benefits.

Associated chakra: Root

Smoky Quartz - Clears unwanted energies from you and your environment so you are not weighed down by negative vibes from other people or your surroundings. Smoky Quartz is one of the best root chakra stones to bring groundedness and sense of security. Encourages practicality, stability and organisation. Known to help relieve stress and anxiety. Absorbs electromagnetic pollution from electrical devices such as TVs, cellphones and computers.

Associated Chakra: Root & Sacral 

Black Obsidian - A powerful protection stone that shields you from unwanted energy, dark forces or psychic attack. Protects you from taking on other people's stress or traumas that may affect you and dull your spark. Dissolves tension and anger. Helps you go within to identify those negative attachments, destructive habits or old patterns that need to be resolved or released. This stone’s energy is about development, positive change and transitions - it helps you identify the shifts you need to make to move forward.

Associated Chakra: Root

Tourmalinated Quartz - Mental clarity. Awareness. Balances yin/yang energies. Helps remove obstacles clearing away darkness, shadows and your own self-sabotaging patterns or destructive behaviours. Tourmalinated Quartz is a combination of Black Tourmaline and Clear/White Quartz and contains the energy of both these crystals on an amplified level. Tourmalinated Quartz helps one to understand and appropriately deal with hostile situations and relationships whilst Clear Quartz activates all the chakras and strengthens the auric field against external bad influences. 

Associated chakras: All

Selenite - The energy purifier. A high vibrational and protective stone full of positivity. It has the ability to quickly cleanse and purify its surroundings, absorbing stagnant energy, chasing our darkness and replacing with pure energetic light. A stone of connection, higher guidance and intuitive insight. Selenite can cleanse and charge other crystals or be placed in a central area of the home to project positive vibes out in all directions. 

Associated chakras: Crown

Approx. size: 2-3 cm tumbles. Contains five (5) high quality handpicked stones. Comes with a cotton canvas bag and information card.

How to use it:

  • Carry these stones with you (separately or together) whenever you feel under psychic attack or are entering a toxic energetic environment 
  • Perform a protection ritual by meditating with these stones or setting them on an altar. Ask them to protect your energy from negative forces.
  • Cleanse often as these stones absorb negative energies

What is "psychic attack"?

Psychic attack is an attack through energy - it can be in the form of ill wishes, voodoo, spells, hatred, jealousy, gossip or any kind of negative thought or intentions being directed to you. We have all experienced this at some point in our lives whether it was being caught up in drama between a friendship group or dealing with office politics in the workplace. No thank you. Crystals alter the energy around us and can be your ally when dealing with negative forces. 

Note: Pictures are for reference only. Stones are chosen intuitively. Each stone may vary slightly in shape, size and natural colouring. 

Chosen Intuitively: They say the crystal chooses You. Trust the universe to bring the right crystal your way.