Our Intention Crystal Kits

Our Intention Crystal Kits

Introducing our intention kits, a collection of thoughtfully curated crystal kits to support a specific intention. Crystals have long been used as an offering in ritual and prayer and its believed working with them can amplify our own wishes and dreams.

Our collection of intentional kits have been created with the best crystals to harness each intention. A perfect gift for someone or a treat for yourself.

Higher Love - Love & Self-Love Crystal Kit

To help raise loving energy whether that be in relationships, friendships, family or the most important of all, loving yourself. These heart awakening stones help you tune into love frequencies, let go of past emotional wounds, strengthen self-confidence, self-worth and tap into the beautiful energies of loving gratitude, kindness, empathy, acceptance and grace. Only when we love and accept ourselves fully can we attract a beautiful love into our life.

See the Higher Love Crystal Kit here


Shine Bright - Confidence Crystal Kit

For accessing your personal power and raising confidence. These stones energy are all about strength, courage and encourage you to bring forth your best and beautiful self in any situation. They spark positivity, raise self-esteem and remove fears around failure (such as negative thoughts or self-limiting beliefs) that may be holding you back. Use this kit to help you emerge, overcome shyness or fears and shine your light.

See the Shine Bright Crystal Kit here


Study - Concentration Crystal Kit

Studying and exams are often a time of great stress. Invite calm, concentration, creativity or decisiveness when needed with this crystal kit. Whether you need some motivation to start a studying, spark more imagination, sharpen your focus or build confidence in public speaking or presenting these crystals can help. Hold them when you are reading, bring them with you to your exams.

See the Study Crystal Kit here


Good Vibes Only - Cleanse & Release Crystal Kit

Your energy is sacred. Guard it. Our Good Vibes Only kit is here to help cleanse and release negative energy. It  shields you from bad vibes, clear obstacles or distractions so you can stay grounded and positive.

These stones dispel external negative forces (such as gossip, jealousy, drama and negativity from others) while also working internally to clear negativity from within (your own fears, self-limiting beliefs, bad habits or self-destructive patterns) Their cleansing properties help you let go of negative attachments or emotions that do not serve you... so you can you can keep inner balance and good vibes only.

 See the Good Vibes Only Kit here


No Drama - Pyschic Attack Protection Crystal Kit

For protection from energy vampires. We've all been there and experienced it. A toxic friend, a negative energy in the workplace, gossip among social circles. Have you ever walked into a room and felt the vibes are off? Or felt jealousy and negativity directed towards you? Our NO DRAMA kit is curated especially to strengthen your aura and shield you from these nasty energies. These stones deflect unwanted energy, bad vibes and psychic attack that dirupt your zen, keeping you grounded, centered and assertive when you need to be. They help you stand your ground and remain cool and collected when dealing with these people or environments.

See the No Drama kit here


High Vibes Home Protection Crystal Kit

Your home is your sanctuary, a sacred space and place of peace. Keep it that way with these high vibrational and protective stones that will clear away negative energy, promote peace, balance and invite supportive positive energy into your space. Use it in a cleansing and release ritual to banish stuck or off energy from your space and seal in the protective, grounding and stabilising energies. The antibacterial properties of Palo Santo clear out stagnant energy. Black Tourmaline acts brings it might protective powers. And Selenite infuses your space with positive vibrations and liquid light.

See the High Vibes kit here


Mamahood New Mum Crystal Kit

A consciously curated mama to be crystal gift set with five healing crystals each attuned to loving, nourishing, and positively filled energies. The nurturing and comforting vibrations of these healing stones support mamas through the prenatal and birthing journey. They support mums in feeling grounded during transitions and ease inflammation in the body. A perfect and thoughtful gift for any mum-to-be, a baby shower, or new mums. 

See the Mamahood crystal kit here


ZZZ Sleep Crystal Kit

For relaxation and restful sleep. These stones help you relax and get a good nights sleep. Their soothing energy gently calm the mind from clutter thats keeping you awak, releases tension in the nervouse system and body and clears away heavy energy that disrupt your sleep. The instil a sense of calm and hteach the mind and body to slow down, relax and surrender to sleep. Place them by your bedside table or under your pillow and see the effects.

Discover the ZZZ Beauty Sleep Kit here

Express Yo'Self - Communication Crystal Kit

Want to find your voice? Need confiedence to speak up? Want to overcome shyness in speaking? These crystals strengthen communication skills and help you express yourself confidently.  Their energies assist you to discover and understand your own truths, give you the confidence to verbalise thoughts and emotions clearly and facilitate open and honest communication.

Whether you need more confidence in public speaking, want refine the way you communicate socially or tap into your own truth this crystal kit is for you.

See the Express Yo'self Communication Kit here

Down to Earth Crystal Kit

For grounding, stability and feeling centered. These stones primarily work with the root chakra - the energy center associated with stability, security, and safety. When we are ungrounded we can feel disconnected, lost, confused, scatty, fearful. Crystals can help harmonise our own turbulent energy field. These crystals form a powerful combination of energies to strengthen, center, stabilise and root you back to mother earth. These stones have got your back so you can get back to being YOU.

See the Down To Earth Crystal Kit here


Creativity Crystal Kit

Do you want to unlock your creativity & imagination, or unleash your artistic side? These inspiring crystals help fuel the imagination and bring out your creativity, shrapen focus and spark "aha!" moment. Unleash your inner artist with the help of these stones. Use them to activate your third eye and crown chakra, to stimulate imagination, assist focus, mental clarity, and spark interesting artistic ideas. Their energies also assist you to clear distractions and stop procrastinating.

 See the Creativity Crystal Kit here

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