How to Make a Protection Grid in your home

How to Make a Protection Grid in your home

Your home is sacred. Keep the vibes and energy pure with the help of protective shielding crystals and this ritual below.

Crystals can be used in your home to protect your space and those in it. Adding protective crystals can help shift stagnant energy, promote peace, better feng shui and attract positive vibrations. Here is a simple protection and shielding ritual you can do to infuse your space with good, positive energy.

What you will need:

  • 4 pieces of Selenite
  • 2-4 pieces of Black Tourmaline
  • Smudging stick (such as Palo Santo, Sage, Your favourite incense or a herb of your choice)
  • Bowl or dish 
  • Lighter/Matches

Our High Vibes Home Kit is especially curated to help you fulfill this ritual and includes all of the above mentioned crystals. 

 Step 1: Set your Intention 

Intention is important for this ritual. Before you start smudging ask yourself what you are trying to purify and/or release in your space and from within yourself. Are you trying to let go of negative thoughts? Let that go. Are you sensing bad energies around you from others? Let that go. Are you simply wanting to invite positive healing energies into your space? Do that. Be firm and clear with your intention and say it to the universe.

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Step 2: Clear and cleanse your space with sacred smoke

Open a window in each room for ventilation and to allow the smoke to leave. Light your smudging stick (palo santo, sage or incense) and move around your space allowing the smoke to reach every corner. Use a heatproof bowl or dish to catch any falling ashes or embers. Move from room to room circling the smudge stick ensuring that the smoke covers all the area. As you do this imagine the smoke clearing away any negative energy and being carried out the window. Remember stagnant energy likes to hide in dark places so don't forget to work behind doors, cabinets and hidden corners. As you do this for your space you can also cleanse yourself from your own negativity... release any negative thoughts, emotions, anxieties that you're carrying. Visualise them leaving your body and being carried out the window with the smoke as well.

Step 3: Make a circuit of positive energy flow with Selenite

Place a piece of Selenite in the four main corners of your home/space to set a protection grid and build a circuit of energy flow. This stone's high vibration and purifying abilities clears away anything not aligned with your vibe attracting abundant light energy into your space.

As you place the Selenite down in each corner imagine the four pieces connecting to each other in a grid of white light. Visualise this white light creating a circuit of constant positive energy flow. This circuit of positive energy sends out supportive healing energy out in all directions. It acts as a shield around your home/space.

Step 4: Use Black Tourmaline for Protection against negativity

Place the Black Tourmaline crystals in the main doorways of your home (the front and back door). Stick one or two pieces securely to the door frame with some tape. If you cannot stick them to the door simply place them close to the door, i.e on a stand or table where you put your keys.

The Black Tourmaline forms a protective shield at your door - guarding your home from any unwanted energies, bad vibes or negativity from entering. Its purifying energies remove any unwelcome energies. They also act as a cleanser for your own energy - as you walk into your home and pass the Black Tourmaline imagine it washing away any stress, anxiety or negative vibes you carry with you - so you can leave this at the door and enter your home with clean energy. 

Step 5: Seal with an affirmation

At any point in the ritual you can say an affirmation - or this can be done at the end. This is to set the intention into your space and to the universe. 

Feel free to adjust 

"I cleanse this space of negativity. Bless this home/space with loving, healing positive light. Anything not aligned with my highest good leaves now. My home/space and those in it are protected. Only positivity, peace and good is welcome here" 

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