Black Obsidian: The Truth-Teller

Black Obsidian: The Truth-Teller

⋆ Protection ⋆  Cutting Cords/Ties ⋆  Lighting Darkness ⋆  Shielding ⋆ Security ⋆ Sharpness ⋆ Alertness  ⋆  Realisations ⋆   Precision  ⋆  Inner Power ⋆  Grounding ⋆ Growth ⋆  Root Chakra

Black Obsidian is actually not a crystal but still belongs to the crystal family. This is due to its quick formation and fiery energy that is captured in the volcanic lava as it cools. Like a volcano erupting Black obsidian carries a power that calls us to access and unleash our own inner power.
PROTECTION:  Black Obsidian is widely considered as one of the most effective stones for protection and grounding. It activates the Base/Root chakra to help you feel more grounded and connected to earth. Clears away negativity energy from your aura and forms a protective shield around you.
ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR OWN NEGATIVITY: Black Obsidian asks YOU see what negative traits or patterns you have yourself and encourages you to make positive changes to correct them. It asks you to work on yout own negativity whether to yourself or to others. 
LIGHTING DARKNESS: This stone brings your awareness to any negative patterns, unhealthy attachments or bad habits you're holding on to. Just as it protects you from external forces it also asks you to look within yourself to banish your own demons and darkness. 

ALERTNESS: Carry with you as a protective guide during times of anger or conflict as it helps diffuse fiery situations and emotions. It is also useful when when entering new environments or meeting new people  as it promotes sharpness and alertness so you can see through any BS.

EMPATHS: As a protection stone Black Obsidian is good for sensitive people, empaths or those who may be prone to psychic attacks or drained by other peoples energy.

CUTTING TIES: The sharp edges of black obsidian metaphysically act like a knife of a sword - helping you slice any chords, emotional ties or attachments that do not serve you. It is a powerful tool to help you cut those emotional pulls that are dragging you down. Using Black Obsidian Arrowhead, close your eyes and imagine the person, object or situation that you want to cut the emotional tie, then using the arrowhead make the movement of slicing that chord freeing yourself from them/it.



    • Place a Black Obsidian Arrowhead on your front door with the point downwards when there is no obvious danger/negativity. When you feel your home needs extra protection turn the point to face upwards.
    • Use as protective guide during times of conflict, negativity, anger
    • Carry Black Obsidian with you when you are entering new environments or meeting new people.
    • Work with Black Obsidian when you want to energetically cut ties or emotional attachments to people or things
    • Place in the North Bagua area (the area connected to career and life path)


    How to cleanse black obsidian

    • Sacred smoke (palo santo, sage, incense)
    • Soil, Ground
    • Fire - returning it to its volcanic origin (pass your obsidian 3 times quickly over the top of a candle flame) Be careful not to burn your fingers!

    Associated Chakras:

    • Root

    Planet: Saturn & Pluto

    Planetary Day: Saturday

    Types of Obsidian include Black Obsidian, Gold Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian and Mahogony Obsidian. Shop our complete selection of Obsidian Crystals here  

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