Sunstone Tower | empowerment & leadership

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  • HKD$ 330

⋆ Personal Power ⋆ Fortune ⋆ Good Luck ⋆ Empowerment ⋆ Vitality ⋆ Leadership ⋆ Enjoying Life ⋆ Strength ⋆ Benevolence ⋆ Increases Physical Energy ⋆ Optimism 

Sunstone radiates the warm and vibrant energy of the Sun. It is filled with joy, kindness and happiness.

Great for charging your energy center if you're feeling sluggish, have low energy or lack motivation. Sunstone is good for removing negative attachments whether its people or objects that may be draining your energy resources. As it resonates with the Solar Plexus chakra it will stimulate healthy feelings of self-worth and identity and make you more aware of what could be draining your energy. As a Sacral chakra activating stone also it will stimulate confidence and being yourself.

It helps remove inhibitions or self-doubt. Stabilises emotions and can lift dark moods. This is a great stone if you need some confidence or emotional self-regulating. 

Associated chakras:

  • Root
  • Scaral
  • Solar Plexus

How to use it:

  • Use it if you are feeling low on energy or need a boost of confidence. For a stronger effect carry it close to your lower chakras.

Country of Origin: Norway

Approx. size: 10.5 cm height