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Selenite Matte Palms | purifying & high vibration

  • HKD$ 70

Cleansing ⋆ Purifying ⋆ Connection ⋆ Dispels Negativity ⋆ Shielding ⋆ Angelic Realm ⋆ Consciousness ⋆ High Vibration ⋆ Guidance ⋆ Enlightenment

The ultimate energy purifier. Selenite is a high vibrational stone that's a must have for every crystal lover. It's cleansing properties quickly purify its surroundings and clear away any unwanted energy, then replace with energetic light and good vibes.

Its frequencies cleanse and charge other crystals (simply place your crystals next to it to cleanse them and bring their energetic spark)

Selenite brings clarity, higher guidance and promotes intuitive insight making it a great stone for spiritual work and meditation. It known as one of the best crystals for enlightenment and connecting with angelic or higher realms.

  • Cleanses, charges and magnifies the energy of other crystals
  • Quickly clears away stagnant or negative energy
  • Brings mental clarity and helps one see the deeper picture
  • Expands self-awareness and intuition
  • Instills deep peace into your space and aura
  • Excellent for meditation or spiritual work

How to use it:

  • Meditate while holding Selenite palm in your hand to tap into its energies 
  • Place Selenite in the four corners of your home to create a protection grid to ward off any negativity and keep positivity in your space.
  • Place crystals on top or next to Selenite to charge them

How to cleanse it:

  • Sunlight ☼
  • Moonlight ☽
  • Avoid water

Associated Chakras:

  • Crown

Approx. size: 3 cm

Country of Origin: Morocco

Note: Pictures are for reference only. These are matte. Sizes are approximate. Actual crystal may vary slightly in size, shape and natural colouring.

Reminder: Selenite is an extremely fragile mineral. As a result, scratches, chips or flaking is common and should be expected. Selenite is never 100% smooth & shiny on all surfaces. Natural colouring varies from cloudy white, transparent or slight yellowish tones.

Chosen intuitively. They say the crystal chooses You. Trust the universe to send the right crystal your way.

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